Friday, July 15, 2016

FK Partizan - Zaglebie (POL) 0:0 (Europa League qualifying, round 2)

At least half of the starting 11 line-up was totally unknown for me.

Someone should tell me why it’s good to scrounge a bunch of new players that could make up an entire starting eleven. Players you’ve never heard of, and you don’t know who and why wanted to sign them for Partizan. None of them is a class player, none of them has character, yet at the same time we sell out our own youth/cadet players even before they reach the coming of age.

Fans started to chant "Vučiću pederu" before the start. Nothing new, nothing special, just carrying on where we finished in the previous season, right?

Starting line-up


I’d like to ask head coach Ivan Tomić about why Saša Ilić had to stay on the bench for the whole time NOW, when we play in the Europa League?...
Then the match started and we passed the ball among us. We also kept on passing the ball. We passed the ball here and there. Our ball possession was excellent. We could even reach the Polish penalty area, but we then stopped there. Đurđić was supposed to be on the striker position, yet I could hear his name to be mentioned only once during the first 20 minutes.
Zaglebie played defensive football. They probably wanted to survive this game without getting any goal. The first time they had any mentionable attempt on our goal (and it was really on target) was in the 24th minute. Otherwise Partizan kept on passing the ball. Here and there. With no visible result.
It started to be exciting in the last 10 minutes. First Radović missed out 2 chances in a row, then it was Mihajlović’s turn to miss out an attempt with the ball hitting a defender and by this "ricochet" rolling out of the field missing the target with 2 millimetres or so. Bogosavac too had a great chance, hitting the crossbar, while Đurđić raised to Bojinovian heights, when he screwed up an attempt 3 steps from the goal line in the 41st minute. (Then he had a fight with Todorovski.)

The moment when you realize Euro2016 is over and you have to content yourself with superliga

I think it says all that I was begging for the game to end already in the 50th minute. Numerous attempts were missed out (Đurđić, Radović). Papadopulos got his 2nd yellow card in the 55th minute, from then on Zaglebie played with 10 players.
And we still couldn’t score one single goal. We tried, while the Polish team didn’t pressure themselves too much. They played it defensive. They had one attempt in the 61st minute, they dribbled it so good that they made Everton fall on the ground, then they barely missed it.

The Substitute Of All Times. Đurđić off, Bojinov on. Effectivity is not our cup of tea, is it? Most important is to look fancy on the field, with the trendiest haircut ever

The team seemingly started to get exhausted around the 75th minute. Players slowed down, they fumbled more and more. It was easy for Polish players to tackle them. They even got up to our penalty area

once Gogoua almost headed an own goal

then they quickly ran back home.

Iliev’s facial expression is just priceless. Only he can make such a numbskull face

The team picked themselves together for the last few minutes and attacked the Polish goal line continuously, with no success. Bojinov just had to miss out a chance, kicking the ball to the sky from the five-metre-line in the last minute.

BotoxBiki (aka Biljana Obradović, Partizan’s so-called PR-manager) was staying behind the southern goal line among photographers, bringing a rather polluted aura to the field. If I had been there with the players, I’d have suggested to play target shooting: those who can hit her botoxed head off her giraffe neck, would get extra bonus after the match.

Saša Ilić was surely not happy with the sight

Goalless draw against a team that played most of the second half with 10 players. We must very heavily pick ourselves together for the return match, if we want to be mentioned as a "European team".

Miroslav Bogosavac and Marko Janković were the only ones who had fair performance



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 12 000
Official: Eitan Shmuelevitz (assistants: Nissan Davidy, Matityahu Yakobov - 4th official: Ziv Adler) - ISR

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Vulićević, Gogoua, Milenković, Bogosavac - Janković (Stevanović, 83.), Brašanac (Marjanović, 75.), Everton, Radović, Mihajlović - Đurđić (Bojinov, 69.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Zaglebie: Polaček - Todorovski (Tosik, 73.), Guldan, Dabrowski, Čotra - Wozniak, L. Piatek, Kubicki, Janoszka (Vlasko, 82.) - Rakowski (K. Piatek, 66.) - Papadopulos
Head coach: Piotr Stokowiec

Yellow card: Everton (28.), Papadopulos (44.), Wozniak (90+3.)
Red card: Papadopulos (56. - second yellow card)

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