Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Photo of the day - potato field

This weekend Partizan will play against Napredak at an away game. Today is Tuesday, and today the pitch in Napredak's stadium looks like this:

(photos: mozzartsport.com)

Since the start of the season

I'm trying hard to express myself in a decent way, I'm seriously trying hard...

we have been facing different challenges and even though we work hard, the solution is still out of sight.

Was it okay? It's really my best, I couldn't have been any more diplomatic.

So I suggest that instead of football the entire team (including the coaching staff as well as the management, together with that fathead Vazura and drug junkie Iliev) should plough the entire pitch with their bare hands and plant potatoes there. This activity would surely bring some benefits for humankind (unlike the way they play).

Don't ever think that I feel good while mocking the team. I'd very very much like to write about victories, exciting games, talented players, winner and committed attitude. But I can't. I can't write about something that doesn't exist... I'm angry, bitter and completely fed up with the shameless cynicism of the management as well as with this bunch of posers, of whom none deserves the jersey of Partizan and who spit the club and the fans in the face every single day. And I'm very much afraid it's still not the lowest point.

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