Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crvena Zvezda - RK Partizan 25:26 (play-off, round 3)

What a victory!!!
Oh. My. God!!!
We raised up from the dead. Really.

RTS 2 broadcasted the game, the one and only working link died right at the beginning of the game. I was about to start cursing, when the superliga’s own broadcasting link popped right into my face. A million thanks to them, they saved my life.
Before the RTS-link died, I could still make this only screenshot.

Mršulja, Popović and Radojković before the game
(screenshot/RTS 2)

Until the 20th minute it was all relatively smooth. It was a bit like a ping-pong, the two teams switching the standing. The difference was always 1, maybe 2 goals. Then in the 21st minute, when the standing was 8:8 (we equalized with Radojković’s goal) Zvezda took the lead (9:8).
From then on it was like we were under some kind of spell. We made mistake after mistake. We missed out the chances. Either the attempt was too wide or too high, or if we could target the box, the goalkeeper saved with a nasty grin on his face. We even missed out a penalty in the 23rd minute.

Yet at the same time they got 3 penalties in the first half. And they scored from all of them, may the devils of hell take you for a sledge ride on your birthday, Dragutinović.

Zvezda jumped to 13:8. It was awful to see. Partizan-players fought hard, sweated, but it all seemed to be in vain. The difference was 5 goals. Average Fan started to compose the very sad blogpost about the game. Our dear sons died with their heads high, on the battlefield. We are proud of them. In the very last minute, just before the buzz Kukić scored one goal, to save our reputation. 13:9, end of the first half.


I’ll be honest: I love it when it turns out that I was wrong.
We walked out for the second half. Zvezda didn’t even leave the locker-room when Pešić smashed our 10th goal into the net.
We started to reduce the difference, slowly but surely. We made huge counter-attacks and Živković had a great performance.


There was a fierce battle on the court. Zvezda was always ahead of us with 1-2 goals, but they couldn’t run away anymore. In the 43rd minute Sretenović equalized (19:19), Tomić saved a penalty. Then we took the lead with Maksić’s goal (19:20).
A wacky race started here. Zvezda equalized (20:20), Živković took back the lead after a great counter-attack. (20:21) Zvezda equalized again (21:21), then the referee whistled and gave a penalty to Zvezda in the 50th minute. Kljajić stood to the 7-metre line...
...and Tomić saved this one, too!!!
What is more, we ran up for a counter-attack. And Kukić scored!!! We were leading to 21:22!!!
Zvezda equalized. Then the referee gave them another penalty. Only 6 minutes were left from the game.
Now Dragutinović stood to the penalty line...
...AND TOMIĆ SAVED!!!! It’s impossible, it’s unbelievable, our goalkeeper MUST get a statue right now at the entrance of the Banjica sports hall. Aleksandar Tomić’s performance was superhuman tonight.
Meanwhile Radojković took back the lead (22:23). Zvezda equalized again (23:23). Now the referee gave us a penalty shot. Maksić scored (23:24). Only 4 minutes were left from the match.
Zvezda equalized again (24:24). Živković ran up and took back the lead (24:25), but he stayed on the floor after the goal.
58 minutes, 32 seconds. Head coach Nenad Maksić asks for time-out.
We come back. Zvezda equalizes (25:25). We are in the very last minute, Average Fan desperately thinks that a draw is actually totally fine...
And we get another penalty. Only 11 seconds are left.
Maksić stands to the 7-metre line...
...AND SCORES!!!! 25:26!!!!!
Only 5 seconds are left. Zvezda’s head coach asks for time-out.
We come back. Zvezda attacks.
They miss it out!!!
End buzz!!! We won!!!!!
Celebration time.


The hero of the day is Nemanja Živković with 6 goals. He is followed by the two 5-goal warriors Stevan Sretenović and Mihajlo Radojković. Živan Pešić and Aleksa Maksić both scored 4-4 goals, while Lazar Kukić added 2 to the victory.
Next round will be on Saturday against Sloga.
A few more pictures from the derby:

Teams stand up for the national anthem

Sretenović blocks Todorović

Todorović was stopped by Pešić, too
(photos: Facebook/Super Rukometna Liga Srbije)

Nobody can stop Sretenović
(photo: Facebook/Rukometni klub Partizan)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. Metaloplastika 6 points
2. Partizan 4 points
3. Spartak Vojput 3 points
4. Vojvodina 3 points
5. CZ 2 points
6. Sloga 0 point

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