Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Metaloplastika - RK Partizan 25:17 (play-off, round 5)

This match was back in the week-end, but there's still no materila (photo, video, anything) about it.

Okay, there is one, that one at the bottom of this post, from the team's home page. But news sites and the superliga's page pretend as if there was no handball championship in Serbia.

The result was expectable (still it's painful...) - Metaloplastika has the biggest chance to win the championship title, their players all have the routine needed, and it seems it was crucial at this match.
In the first half Metaloplastika was leading for almost the whole time. We equalized around the 21st minute (8:8), then we even took the lead with Kukić’s goal (8:9). We kept our one-goal advantage until the 27th minute, when the home team equalized (10:10), and they took back the lead in the last minute (11:10).

Those who allowed this match report to get online should be cursed with a sledge ride in the company of all the devils of hell. 

In the second half Metaloplastika sped up and was leading with 3-4 goals in the first part of the second half. Then they increased the difference to 21:13 and we couldn’t really keep the pace. Around the end of the game the standing was 24:15 (I can’t tell which minute it was, but it was surely over the 50th) and they even scored one goal in the last minute. That’s it, better to forget this game as it is and move on.
Kukić and Živković scored the most goals (5-5), they are followed by Sretenović (3), Maksić (2) as well as Radojković and Pešić (1-1).

Kukić is trying to break through Metaloplastika’s defense line, while Popović is blocking the home team’s No. 4 player
(photo: rkpartizan.rs)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. Metaloplastika 10 points
2. Vojvodina 7 points
3. Partizan 6 points
4. Spartak Vojput 5 points
5. CZ 2 points
6. Sloga 0 point

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