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FK Partizan - Čukarički 1:2 (superliga, round 32 - play-off, round 2)

A bunch of bizarre news were released on the match week.
First, Čukarički announced that they’d have loved to sign Partizan’s left-winger, Nemanja Mihajlović. Partizan’s reaction was just a loud laugh, even Mihajlović himself said that playing in Partizan is his childhood dream, no way he’d sign to anywhere else. Finally Ivica Iliev appeared and said to the press: sure, of course Mihajlović can sign to Čukarički - if they pay 10 million euros for him.

If I were for Iliev, I’d be careful with saying such things. Who knows, one day Čukarički might knock the door of ul. Humska 1 in the company of a Pini Zahavi-alike Croesus, throwing a suitcase on the table saying 'hey, here are the 10 milkos, now we'd take the kid, thxbai'.
A message to Mihajlović: learn from the Živković-case, boy. If there’s anything nobody is interested in, that’s what you yourself would like to do.

Apropos, Živković. If this case above didn’t make everyone annoyed yet, then some time later Crvena Zvezda’s head coach, Miodrag Božović appeared out of the blue and said, how great it would have been if Zvezda had signed Andrija Živković.

Whether you’re a fan of Partizan or CZ, this definitely goes beyond common sense.

Then the dot to the letter "i" was that unnamed sources told the press which players Ivan Tomić won’t need in the upcoming season.

Well, I will surely not cry after Bojinov. Leković hasn’t played enough to be able to say anything on him. The rest will be missed.

After all these the team surely prepared with joy and confidence against Čukarički.
(Or not.)

10 minutes before kick-off

(photos: Twitter)

After the kick-off Čukarički immediately started to attack. It was clear they mean no-nonsense and they want our scalps. They attacked already in the 2nd minute. Pavlović got the ball, it was dangerous, but the referee whistled it off, because Pavlović pulled Milenković on the ground while attacking. Two minutes later they appeared again at our penalty area. A cross came from the right, Šaranov again caught butterflies

is it really necessary that he drops the ball at least once in every match, while the opponent is crowding with full force in the goalmouth?...

then for the next try he could catch it. We had great luck for not receiving a goal.
In the 5th minute Mihajlović was tricking with the ball on the left, then he shot, the goalkeeper saved. Two minutes later again he shot, now getting a pass to the left from Bojinov in the middle. His shot missed the box with just centimetres.
In the 8th minute a Čukarički-attack arrived from the right. Nikola Janković (if I’m not wrong) crossed it to the middle, from there Jovanović get it on the left. Jovanović shot, barely missing it.
In the 11th minute Čukarički got a free kick, almost at the baseline, with just 1-2 metres from the left side of the penalty area. The cross came, Đurić took it by the head, forwarding it to Branislav Janković. Janković shot fron only 2 steps and scored. 0:1

Bandalovski is angry, while Šaranov collapsed right to the goal line
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 16th minute again Branislav Janković got a huge pass. He ran up on the left, with Bandalovski behind him. He then shot, the ball hit Šaranov, ending the attempt in a corner-kick.
In the 20th minute Bandalovski possessed the ball on the right. He attacked the middle, then passed to Bojinov. Bojinov sped up, ran by the goalkeeper and shot into the box from a sharp angle. 1:1

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 23rd minute we got a corner kick. There came the ball, making a big goalmouth scramble. Partizan-players all complained that someone from Čukarički played handball, but the referee didn’t whistle.

This scene has been cut from the superliga’s official highlights. On Youtube it’s available, here you can see it. ArenaSport’s slow motion replay clearly showed Čukarički’s player hitting the ball with his hand.

The atmosphere on the field became tensed. The pace was medium, yet Čukarički kept the ball surprisingly well.
In the 30th minute Milenković... well, there’s nothing to attenuate it. Milenković brutally kicked off Bojić, so heavily that Čukarički’s player had to come off the field. The referee showed the red card to Milenković.

Here is a video about it, because the official highlights don’t contain this scene either.

The referee shows the red card to Milenković... almost ended in a fight

In the 33rd minute Mihajlović ran up on the left. He made a great solo, dribbled then shot, it ended in a corner-kick.
In the 38th minute Nikola Janković kicked off Everton. The referee showed the red card him, too.

Video about the scene:

There was only one action left for the first half. Bogosavac got the ball on the left and shot from a sharp angle, the goalkeeper saved.
For the entire game Grave Diggers were chanting, firing up the southern tribune. Sometimes they made a much more spectacular sight than the often slow and struggling game.

Čukarički started the second half as well with attacking. A cross came from the left, Pavlović headed it to the box, but it was too high. A minute later Kosović passed the ball to Everton. The Brazilian shot from the right, it was also too high.
In the 49th minute we got a free kick at the left side of the penalty area line. Mihajlović passed it to Bogosavac, the young defender shot, it was too high.
In the 53rd minute Stevanović passed to Mihajlović in the middle. He immediately shot from approx. 16 metres, missing it with just centimetres again. In the 59th minute Saša Jovanović had a distant shot to our box, it was too high.
In the 65th minute Bojinov got a huge pass. After some goalmouth/penalty area scramble he shot from the left, barely missing it. A minute later Matić sent a flat, weak shot to our box, it was too wide. Another minute later Čukarički had another attempt, Šaranov saved.
In the 68th minute Bogosavac had another attempt. Mihajlović ran upfield, but he was tackled. The ball dropped to Bogosavac, but his shot was too wide.
In the 70th minute we got a free kick on the left side, 25 metres from the goal line. Mihajlović shot it right into the wall, but the ball dropped to Marko Jovanović. He shot, it was too high.
In the 76th minute Pavlović was wrestling with two Partizan-defenders, then he fell on the ground inside the penalty area. The referee didn’t whistle for penalty shot.

I have to mention nevertheless that Pavlović gave himself the starting kick with a fantastic Oxford-trick. Hats off, I have never seen anything like this yet.

In the 79th minute Brašanac passed the ball to Golubović on the right. He crossed it to the middle, the defenders headed it out. Corner-kick, again Golubović got the ball. He again crossed to the middle, but there Lukić kicked into the air instead of the ball.
In the upcoming minutes we constantly tried to attack, but they were all blocked by the defenders. Finally in the 85th minute Vlahović got a cross from the left, which he tried to head into the box. He wasn’t successful, the ball dropped to Lukić. He tried, too, without success.
In the 90th minute we got a corner-kick. Bandalovski headed it to the box, but the goalkeeper saved. Čukarički started a counter-attack. Knežević ran upfield on the right side and crossed to Pavlović in the middle. Pavlović thanked it and shot it ruthlessly into the box. 1:2

Sad, weary players after the final whistle
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Official highlights, thoroughly censored:


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Nenad Đokić (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Marko Dimitrijević - 4th assistant: Slobodan Pavlović - goal line assistants: Petar Piper, Zoran Široki)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, Milenković, M. Jovanović, Bogosavac - Brašanac, Everton, Kosović (Lukić, 78.) - A. Stevanović (Golubović, 71.), Bojinov (Vlahović, 71.), Mihajlović
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Čukarički: N. Stevanović - Stojković, Ostojić, Đurić, Živković - Srnić, B. Janković (Knežević, 86.) - Bojić (Matić, 29.), N. Janković, S. Jovanović (Radonjić, 83.) - Pavlović
Head coach: Milan Lešnjak

Goal scorers: B. Janković (11.), Bojinov (20.), Pavlović (90.)
Yellow card: Đurić (42.), Srnić (61.)
Red card: M. Jovanović (30.), N. Janković (38.)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. CZ 42 points*
2. Čukarički 33 points
3. Partizan 28 points
4. Vojvodina 26 points
5. Radnički Niš 26 points
6. Surdulica 25 points
7. Borac 23 points*
8. FK Voždovac 20 points

*Match between Borac and Crvena Zvezda was postponed

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