Sunday, April 17, 2016

VK Partizan - Banjica 16:4 (Serbian league play-off, quarterfinal)

A training match between Partizan A and Partizan B disguised as a league game.
That’s all. There isn’t much more worth to know about it. Maybe that Banjica tried to push in the beginning, they were even leading to 1:2, but then routine won over them. Also Rističević was our goalkeeper in the first half, then in the second Brankočević got the chance to keep Partizan’s goal box.
Partizan won the first quarter to 3:2, the second to 5:1, the third to 4:0 and the fourth to 4:1. Practically everyone could score at least one goal, Gogov can be mentioned, he earned 4, while Asanović and Stojanović both scored 2-2.
Return match will be played on Tuesday from 19:45 in the Banjica swimming pool.

Here is a photo about Jakšić

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