Sunday, April 17, 2016

RK Partizan - Sloga 27:24 (play-off, round 4)

We can say that we brought the obligatory victory, but it was far not that an easy torch-lit march as it might look at first sight. The Požega-based team strangled us by the throat, and for a while it looked that they might even win the match.
The beginning was great. We had a confident lead (4:2, 7th minute), then in the 13th minute Sloga equalized (6:6). In the next minute they even took the lead (6:7). Then they sped up and jumped to 6:9 and we could approach them only in the 21st minute (8:9). But even then they did keep their end up. They fought hard, while we missed out a number of chances. Even in the 24th minute the standing was 9:11, then we equalized somehow 5 minutes before the end (11:11). Then we took back the lead with Radojković’s goal (12:11), but Sloga was right behind us. We ended the first half with 13:12.
The second half had a bitter start. Sloga equalized (13:13), they immediately took back the lead (13:14), then for quite a while it was like we equalized, Sloga immediately threw another goal. 14:15, 15:15, 15:16, this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed at home... it was going like this until the 39th minute, when we equalized with Živković’s goal (19:19), then Maksić took back the lead (20:19). It didn’t get any easier though. Now it looked like this, Sloga equalized and we immediately threw another goal. 21:20, 21:21, 22:21... this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none... right until the 52th minute, when Sloga equalized (22:22), then Živković scored (23:22), then for surprise Kukić also scored (24:22). What is more, even Pešić had his moment (25:22). Sloga kept on trying, but they had only one goal left to score. One minute before the end the Captain earned one more goal, setting the end result with his score (27:24).
The hero of the day is Aleksa Maksić with 9 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (6), Mihajlo Radojković (4), Lazar Kukić and Igor Mršulja (3-3) as well as Ivan Popović and Živan Pešić (1-1).
There aren’t many photos, there is only this one from the team’s Facebook page, I also made two screenshots.
If there are any more photos available, I’ll update the post.

(photo: Facebook/Rukometni klub Partizan)

Time-out in the first half, when Sloga started to push hard

End of the match

League table will be brought tomorrow, but RK Partizan looks to be very confident on the 2nd place.
Update: current standing of the play-off
1. Metaloplastika 8 points
2. Partizan 6 points
3. Vojvodina 5 points
4. Spartak Vojput 3 points
5. CZ 2 points
6. Sloga 0 point

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