Monday, April 11, 2016

FK Partizan - Mladost Lućani 4:0 (superliga, round 30)

This was that match when I seriously asked myself why I’m doing this. Why I undergo this torture over and over again to watch terrible, awful football games, where nothing ever happens out of boredom. Why I’m watching stuck-up, talentless monkeys and fumbling little beginners, when I could watch a thousand times better games with much higher standard, professional players and professional coaches. And especially why I’m getting upset and mad over and over again by the disgusting level of the games, the absolutely amateurish attitude of players and managers, while I should just look around to find countless other football matches, where everything is about the fans and to make them feel good and special.

I’m very seriously considering to give up writing about football matches for a while. I’m fed up with this amateurism and I’m not willing to write about it, while the team is on the level of garbage, mentally and morally. I’m not willing to give my (nick)name to this, nor to invest any more energy into it than it deserves.

Of course I’ll keep on watching football games, I just won’t write about them.

Even at the beginning of the game the team was like eleven sloths on the field. They were slow, they were fumbling, they were just passing the ball here and there, even at this point it came to my mind that I should switch to another stream link where a Bundesliga-derby was running.

To all those who are about to yell me off: I’m a Partizan-fan and Partizan above all, but I’m not that perverted to deliberately torment myself.

Then in the 5th minute a miracle happened.
Šatara wanted to tackle Mihajlović, but instead he kicked Partizan’s player on the ground inside the penalty area. The referee immediately pointed at the white dot.


Bojinov stood behind the ball. The teammates probably allowed him to do so just because to be able to score and then to celebrate himself on Instagram.
He scored. 1:0


It did not make the pace any faster, nor - God forbid - the level any higher though.
Why would it?...
In the 7th minute Mladost got a free kick, approx. 25 metres from the box. If I could see well, it was Gavrić, who shot. Šaranov saved.
In the 13rd minute Everton got a pass on the right side from Gogoua. He ran up, shot, missing the goal line just with centimetres. A minute later we started a counter-attack after a Mladost-attempt. Everton tried again, but he was tackled. We still wanted to continue, but Bojinov (as usual) got stuck in an offside position. 
Then an incident happened. (I’m not sure though if it was at this point or later during the first half.) In the western stands fans attacked the team’s management sprawling sitting in the VIP-lounge. Literally they attacked them. Suddenly they jumped up and started to throw eggs on the presidency, while others were chanting "Uprava napolje".

(photos: Twitter)

They deserved it.
There’s a video about it, too. (It’s worth to watch and listen, even if you don’t speak Serbian, you can hear other fans cheering as the management gets showered by extra protein.)

Seriously, this was the top moment of the match.
Otherwise, nothing ever happened. We attacked, we possessed the ball more than the opponent, but we couldn’t build up one single useful attempt. The pace was very slow, it all looked like both teams hated it and wanted to get over it as soon as possible.
In the 21st minute someone headed the ball too wide after a Partizan corner kick. In the 27th minute Gogoua sent a painfully imprecise cross ahead. He wanted to forward the ball probably to Kosović, but the goalkeeper caught it with no special effort.
In the 29th minute Everton had the ball and could run up. He passed to Bojinow, who forwarded it to Mihajlović. Mihajlović attacked, the goalkeeper threw himself into the way.
In the 31st minute Mladost had a very weak attempt. Jovanović tried with a shot-alike action, but it died away in Šaranov’s hands. A minute later Bojinov possessed the ball and ran up towards Mladost’s goal line. Then Mihajlović continued with the ball, he shot, the ball hit the goalkeeper, corner kick.
In the 36th minute Mladost could have scored a goal, but Milosavljević touched the ball with his hand before shooting, the referee invalidated the score.
In the 42nd minute Kosović tried with a terribly weak shot, it was way too high. Then in the 45th minute Everton ran up with the ball on the right and served it with a cross (on a golden plate, wearing tuxedo and bow tie) to Bojinov. The Bulgarian just had to walk into the box with it. 2:0

Hey, people! A miracle happened! He scored a goal! Never mind it was a "sitter" one, but there is his name among the goal scorers, even twice! What a great dude, isn’t he?...

In the second half, at the 48th minute Bogosavac got the ball after a corner kick. He crossed it to the middle, but nobody knows what he wanted with it, because it was way too weak for a goal attempt, and way too imprecise for a pass. Finally the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 54th minute Bogosavac tackled a Mladost-defender and forwarded the ball to Mihajlović. Mihajlović ran up, shot, the goalkeeper had a great save.
A minute later Miroslav Vulićević appeared at the sideline as a substitute player. He joined the game after a long time of absence.

It was high time for this

In the 57th minute Mladost’s goalkeeper again had a great save, now it was Bojinov’s try.
Almost immediately Bogosavac ran up with the ball on the left and crossed to the middle. There Bojinov forwarded it ahead

Bojinov is so great in forwarding the ball. Can anyone tell why he plays striker then?...

to Saša Ilić. Saša Ilić adjusted the ball a bit, then shot among the defenders who fell onto each other, right into the box. 3:0


The next action came in the 74th minute, but then it was another goal. Everton ran up again with the ball, crossing it out to the left. It arrived back from there to the middle. Vlahović got it, he forwarded it to Saša Ilić, and the Captain calmly shot it into the net from 16 metres. 4:0


Mladost had something that looked to be an attempt in the 78th minute, but it caused absolutely no headache for Šaranov.
The end was a physical pain to see. Nothing ever happened, only total boredom.

I swear, if I wasn’t a Partizan-fan, I’d say it was a bribed game. Not just this one, but even the previous ones. We won with goals on terrible games. I can’t believe Mladost (and the other opponents) couldn’t attack us with a blood-thirsty grin seeing us fumbling around, without any ideas. Seriously, did nobody notice that our opponents practically let us win?
Just one more thing: next week will be derby week, as the first round of the play-off. Nobody should ever try to tell me that this ass-scratching and fumbling will be enough against Crvena Zvezda. Either we pick ourselves together or it will end up in a huge fiasco, because those in the neighbourhood want our blood and scalp.

In the 87th minute it could be considered as an event that Mladost’s goalkeeper had to undergo a small medical assistance. The guests had two more attempts, the first in the 88th minute, when they sent a 30-metre free kick up in the sky. Then they had something looking like a try in the 90th minute. Finally, after 3 minutes of extra time the referee ended our sufferings.




Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Aleksandar Vasić (assitants: Vladimir Čađenović, Matija Olajos-Nagy - 4th assistant: Dragan Bogićević - goal line assistants: Novica Anđelovski, Igor Stojilković)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski (Vulićević, 55.), Milenković, Gogoua, Bogosavac - Kosović, Everton, Saša Ilić - Mihajlović, M. Golubović (Lukić, 70.)  - Bojinov (Vlahović, 69.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Mladost Lućani: Krznarić - Šatara, Živanović, Rakočević, Saničanin - Luković, Protić (Vajan, 56.) - Gavrić, Milosavljević (Lepović, 62.), Jovanović - Čečarić (S. Golubović, 86.)
Head coach: Nenad Milovanović

Goal scorers: Bojinov (5. - pen., 45.), Saša Ilić (57., 74.)
Yellow card: -

End result of the regular season:
1. CZ 82 points
2. Partizan 54 points
3. Čukarički 53 points
4. Borac 46 points
5. Vojvodina 46 points
6. Radnički Niš 45 points
7. FK Voždovac 40 points
8. Surdulica 38 points
9. Javor 35 points
10. Metalac 35 points
11. Mladost 33 points
12. Novi Pazar 31 points
13. OFK Beograd 28 points
14. Spartak Subotica 26 points
15. Jagodina 26 points
16. Rad 26 points

The first 8 teams qualified to the so-called winners’ stage, where they’ll play against each other by the same system as in the regular season and the first place team will win the championship title. Those teams on the 9-16th places will play for the losers’ stage, the last one will be dropped out. Games start next week, and as I said earlier, it starts right with the eternal derby. It will take part on Saturday from 18:00, ArenaSport 1 will broadcast it from 17:00 starting with an one-hour warm-up programme.

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