Sunday, April 3, 2016

RK Partizan - Vojvodina 27:27 (play-off, round 2)

Draw against last season’s champion. This is something really excellent.
At first it was a nip-and-tuck game. No big differences, this ping-pong alike action, one goal here, one goal there. At the end of the first half though we could increase the difference to 3 goals (!). In the 27th minute the standing was 13:13, then Maksić, who had an excellent performance throughout the entire match, scored (14:13). Živković followed his example (15:13), joined by Kukić as well (16:13). The Novi Sad-based team reduced the difference to two goals in the last minute (16:14).
We continued this pace in the second half, too. We were leading with 3-4-5 goals; 19:14, 20:17, and so on. Vojvodina picked themselves together some time in the 45th minute and slowly started to work off their drawback. They finally equalized (22:22), but at this point they started playing hastily or maybe even nervously, nevertheless they made numerous fouls (we got two penalties within a minute, Maksić shot both into the box ruthlessly). At a very short period they even took the lead here and there (24:25, 25:26), but from now on the standing remained to be very close. In the 56th minute we were leading to 27:26 with Popović’s goal, Vojvodina equalized two minutes before the end.
The hero of the day is definitely Aleksa Maksić with 10 goals. He is followed by Nemanja Živković (6), Stevan Sretenović (5) and Mihajlo Radojković (2). The other shooters scored 1-1 goal (Lazar Kukić, Živan Pešić, Ivan Popović, Igor Mršulja).

Maksić giving checkmate to Vojvodina’s goalkeeper

(photo: Facebook/Partizan is life)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. Metaloplastika 4 points
2. Spartak Vojput 3 points
3. Partizan 2 points
4. CZ 2 points
5. Vojvodina 1 point
6. Sloga 0 point

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