Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spartak Subotica - FK Partizan 0:3 (Serbian Cup, semifinal, return match)

We won. We surely won’t put this game into the window on display, but we won and qualified to the final.

During the first 20 minutes of the match I tried to bring an apparently dead stream link back to life. I failed. I could find then a working stream, but I missed out almost half of the first part. I try to re-construct it by the official match report.

We didn’t waste time. It was just the 2nd minute when Bandalovski and Stevanović played pinball at Spartak’s penalty area. Then Bandalovski crossed to the middle, where Mihajlović arrived. He thanked and immediately shot it from the goalmouth right into the box. 0:1

Bandalovski forwards the ball, Mihajlović is arriving...

...then celebration time

In the 8th minute again Mihajlović had a try, but this time defenders inactivated him. In the 14th minute Spartak came up for a counter-attack to our penalty area. Mrkela possessed the ball, he shot, it was too wide. Then in the 18th minute they got a free kick 20 metres from our box. Again Mrkela tried, this time Brašanac threw himself into the way.
In the 25th minute Bandalovski ran up in the middle. Jočić kicked him to the ground, the referee whistled, free kick for Partizan.

Could someone tell me why Bandalovski received a yellow card here?

Mihajlović stood behind the ball, he shot it into the goalmouth, but Farkaš kicked it downfield. We still possessed the ball, Stevanović passed to Gogoua, but Partizan’s defender started to run backwards for seemingly no reason in the middle of an attack.
In the 28th minute Spartak attacked. Milošević came up on the left side with the ball, wrestling with Bandalovski. Then the Subotica-based player fell on the ground inside the penalty area. It was a very spectacular movement from him, but it didn’t really touch the referee, he didn’t whistle just waved "go ahead". In the 33rd minute again Spartak attacked, now on the right side. Milić (or Šljivić, I didn’t see the shirt number clearly) got a huge pass from deep. He ran up, Šaranov jumped out of the goalmouth and threw himself into the way.

Compared to league matches we played earlier this one was a fast, combative game. I don’t say it was a good game, because there were too many imprecise passes/crosses and mistakes only a beginner can make, but at least players ran a lot, tackled, wrestled, fought, and it was definitely a positive turn.

In the 40th minute Mrkela crossed from the left, but our defenders headed it downfield. We started a counter-attack, but that died away. A minute later Spartak attacked again, our defenders again blocked it, again we started a counter-attack, but Stevanović was stopped. Then in the 44th minute Kosović crossed to the middle, but the defenders were faster than Brašanac.

For the second half head coach Tomić arrived wearing this substitute marker shirt. I had a slight hope he might put himself into action as a substitute player.

In the beginning of the second part Spartak attacked heavily. In the 47th minute Milić had a distant shot from 20 metres, it was too high.
The pace was still fast, just like in the first half, but it slowly turned into a "much ado about nothing"-alike scene. Players made too many mistakes on both sides, being too hasty, while seemingly suffering from the lack of ideas about what to do.

I have to put it here, Saša Ilić can (still) keep the ball like a real professional. These children around him could all learn from him. In the 50th minute he played merry-go-round with a Spartak-player, the opponent wanted to grab the ball from him, but Ilić didn’t allow, leaving the other one puzzled.

The 54th minute brought a Spartak-attempt. A weak shot came from the left, but flew out not even approaching the goalpost.

Meanwhile they were doing nothing on the field, but at least they did it in a very spectacular way.

In the 59th minute Stevanović shot suddenly, from 20 metres, the goalkeeper had a great save.

Lost balls. Imprecise passes/crosses, kicking into the air instead of the ball - that can be the summary of this period.

In the 65th minute Spartak missed out a huge chance. Partizan-defenders fell asleep, the ball dropped here and there causing a goalmouth scramble. Finally Jovanović headed it, but it wasn’t too successful. Then the ball dropped off from Šaranov, too. For our great luck it didn’t end up as a goal for the home team.
In the 69th minute Tomić sent a pass to Stefan Ilić from the half-line. Ilić ran up, Bandalovski was close behind him. Spartak’s player finally shot, Šaranov had a great save. In the 72nd minute Šaranov presented another big save - Partizan’s defense line was again out of order, Novaković took advantage of it and shot, Partizan’s goalkeeper did his job.
In the next few minutes we had a number of attempts. It was mostly Mihajlović, who dribbled himself in front of the box, but the defenders blocked him. The pace of the game slowed down, though mistakes and lost balls came more often. In the 80th minute the referee showed the red card for Mudrinski (after his second yellow card).
In the 84th minute Mihajlović dribbled on the right side, then crossed to the middle. Vlahović arrived and headed the ball right into the net. 0:2

The pace slowed down completely. Spartak seemed to resign themselves to the defeat, though the coup de grace was still left.
90th minute. Mihajlović arrived with the ball on the left side. He crossed it to Stevanović in the middle, he forwarded it out to the right side to Bandalovski. The Bulgarian shot, the ball rolled ahead dropping and hopping all the way, passing by the goalkeeper, hitting the left goalpost, ending his way in the net. 0:3

The final takes part on 11th May, we'll play against Javor Matis.



Venue: City stadium, Subotica
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Bojan Nikolić (assistants: Vladimir Jovanović, Nenad Kurčubić - 4th assistant: Srđan Minić - goal line assistants: Dejan Dimitrijević, Petar Piper)

Spartak Subotica: Mirković, Jočić, Kovačević, Mrkela (Torbica, 46.), Milošević, Milić (Novaković, 63.), Šljivić (Makarić, 77.), Stefan Ilić, Farkas, Mudrinski, Tomić
Head coach: Andrei Chernisov

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Bandalovski, Jovanović, Gogoua (M. Stevanović, 46.), Bogosavac, Brašanac, Kosović, Saša Ilić (Lukić, 89.), Mihajlović, A. Stevanović, Bojinov (Vlahović, 63.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Mihajlović (2), Vlahović (84.), Bandalovski (90.)
Yellow card: Bandalovski (25.), Mudrinski (45.), Torbica (70.)
Red card: Mudrinski (80. - second yellow card)


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