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Javor Matis - FK Partizan 1:2 (superliga, round 29)

I have to confess you all: in secret I can’t wait in every season for Partizan to play against Javor at an away game. Every single time I’m amazed by Ivanjica, the town where the stadium of Javor Matis can be found. It’s surrounded by mountains, with thick forests on the mountain-sides and beautiful little houses around the place.



As an extra the sun was shining beautifully above the Dinari Alps
(screenshot/ArenaSport 1)

In secret I’d love if Partizan played more against Javor. Or if Partizan had a stadium in Ivanjica (as well), and played there (as well).
As for the match, we didn’t waste much time. In the 5th minute Saša Ilić passed to Bojinov in the middle. He forwarded the ball to Mihajlović. Mihajlović dribbled among the defenders, then kicked the ball with a flat shot right into the box. 0:1
In the first 20 minutes we possessed the ball quite a lot. We had been continuously there around Javor’s penalty area - just with no goal attempts. Still the home team was stuck on their half. They could break out once, in the 7th minute, but Šaranov interfered.
In the 19th minute Lukić got the ball after a corner-kick. He shot, it was too high. The home team immediately ran up for an attack. Miletić arrived on the left and crossed to the middle. Bandalovski blocked. Throw-in for Javor, they were back right there to our goalmouth, finally, if I could see well, Gogoua cleared the area.
Afterwards we got a row of corner-kicks, at least four, and we missed out all four chances. Once Mihajlović crossed to the middle from the right. Bojinov was about to receive, but once again, not for the first time, and for surely not the last time he missed it out, with just a step behind the ball, it was a pain to see.

My previous blogpost came to my mind when I was grumbling about strikers. I was sure, we would be totally useless even with a striker - I’m not happy that finally I was right (more or less).

Then in the 29th minute Bogosavac passed to Lukić. Lukić arrived on the left, then crossed to the middle - most probably to Bojinov, but Crnomarković appeared out of the blue. The defender obviously wanted to block, but for his unluck the ball dropped from his feet right into the box. Own goal. 0:2

Never mind, we can still celebrate

In the 32nd minute Javor got a free kick approx. 25 metres from our goal line. The kick left the field above the crossbar. In the 36th minute the ball dropped onto Dražić’s head after a throw-in. Dražić forwarded it, it was dangerous, but Šaranov caught it.
As the game passed by, Javor possessed the ball more and more. In the 37th minute an attack came on the right. Docić got the pass, he immediately shot from the distance, it was too high.
Three minutes later they missed out a great chance. Javor attacked on the right side, then the attacker crossed to Gafurov on the other side of the field. Gafurov barely missed it. One of our defenders pushed the ball out through the baseline. After the corner-kick there was a big goalmouth scramble, finally Jovanović kicked the ball downfield. In the 43rd minute Javor again tried. Dražić possessed the ball, our defenders desperately tried to tackle him, without success. Finally Šaranov punched it downfield.
Javor kept on pushing, but they didn’t have too many actual attempts. Here at the end of the first half we got a bit stuck on our side and it seemed that we didn’t really know what we wanted.
It didn’t get much better even later on.

By the way, does anyone know what’s going on with Brašanac? Since the eternal derby he is like his own shadow. Earlier he was always in play, organizing attacks, tackling opponents, passing, crossing the ball and he was dangerous to the goal line numerous times. Now he has been invisible for weeks. I can barely hear his name during matches. Even if he gets the ball, he seems to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. What happened to him? What’s wrong with this otherwise great, loyal Partizan-player, who is typically this "silent, reliable basic player" of the team?

Second half, 47th minute. Jovanović ran up in the middle with the ball and passed to Bojinov. He wanted to forward it to Mihajlović, but a defender blocked.
I mentioned it only because this was the one and only event for long minutes that was worth to mention.
In the 56th minute Bogosavac and Dražić were wrestling for the ball on the right side. Finally Javor’s player won and dribbled himself to the middle. He wanted to pass to his teammate arriving right there, but Bandalovsik threw himself into the way.
In the 63rd minute Mihajlović suddenly ran up, after Javor’s entire defense line seemingly fell asleep. For the home team’s great luck their goalkeeper was still awake, ran out of the goalmouth and saved.
Javor continued to pressure us, all in vain. We played this "come what may"-kind of game, as if we entered the field with absolutely no tactics.
Then in the 73rd minute Miletić had a distant shot to our goal. Šaranov wanted to save, but... as if he wanted to catch a butterfly instead. He jumped to save Miletić’s shot, but the ball dropped out of his hand and rolled away. Dražić was right there, he took the chance and shot, right into the middle of the net. 1:2, one of the most embarrassing goals we got, seriously.
The goal fired Javor up, they attacked even heavier. They couldn’t break through our defense though, even though, well, to be very honest, our backline wasn’t on top either. Our defenders kicked the ball to wherever they were looking at. We didn’t even try to pretend anymore that we know what we were doing. We played the most outrageous football.
In the 87th minute we could somehow build up an attempt. Bogosavac ran up on the left and crossed to Kosović on the other side. Kosović shot and hit the crossbar with the ball.
Javor kept us under pressure, but they couldn’t equalize. At the very end, in the 94th minute Stojaković had one last shot left to try with, but Šaranov saved.




Venue: FK Javor stadium, Ivanjica
Number of spectators: 2000
Referee: Dejan Santrač (assistants: Dejan Potočan, Jovica Milin - 4th assistant: Matija Olajos-Nagy - goal line assistants: Aleksandar Vasić, Róbert Kis-Csepegi)

Javor Matis: Đogatović - Gajić, Crnomarković, Milović, Miletić - Eliomar (Josović, 24.), Docić, Ajuru (Stojaković, 62.) - Đokić, Dražić - Gafurov (Zečević, 78.)
Head coach: Mladen Dodić

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, Jovanović, Gogoua, Bogosavac - Kosović, Brašanac, S. Ilić (Jevtović, 57.) - Lukić (Golubović, 86.), Mihajlović - Bojinov (Vlahović, 57.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Mihajlović (5.), Crnomarković (29., own goal)
Yellow card: Gajić (26.), Gogoua (43.), Milović (90+2.)

Current championship standings:
1. CZ 81 points
2. Partizan 51 points
3. Čukarički 50 points
4. Borac 45 points
5. Radnički Niš 45 points
6. Vojvodina 43 points
7. FK Voždovac 40 points
8. Surdulica 38 points
9. Javor 35 points
10. Mladost 33 points
11. Metalac 32 points
12. OFK Beograd 28 points
13. Novi Pazar 28 points
14. Spartak Subotica 26 points
15. Rad 23 points
16. Jagodina 23 points

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