Thursday, April 14, 2016

Galatasaray - VK Partizan 9:9 (Champions League, Round 8)

Question of the day: how on Earth is it possible to screw up a match so much that the half-time 3:7 turns into a buzzer beater draw at the end?
You get what I mean.
Galatasaray is at the last place of the group. So far they had zero (0) point. They earned their one and only point at the last game, that happened to be against us.
The official match report doesn’t tell many details, and there isn’t any other available. At first Galatasaray took the lead, then we quickly scored four goals (first one by Asanović, then Subotić threw two, Tigkas also earned one). Turks could get one more at the end of the quarter, ending it with 2:4.
In the second quarter Galatasaray scored one more goal, tighting the standing to 3:4, we urgently had to do something. Gogov quickly threw two goals (3:6), Subotić scored from penalty, the first half ended with 3:7. At this point it all looked swell.
Well, at this point.
No one knows what could happen in the half-time break. Nevertheless Turks overran us. They scored four (!!!) goals, while we could earn only one (by Nemanja Vico). For the end of the third quarter our advantage was only one goal (7:8).

Where were you, Miloš Obilić?...

The last quarter could be a nightmare. Turks equalized (8:8), then 40 (!!!) seconds before the end they took the lead from power play. (9:8)
Only 17 seconds were left from the game. We attacked. That was probably our last chance.
And we took it.
Draško Gogov scored and this way we could save a point. (9:9)
With this game the Champions League-series ended for VK Partizan. We finished it on the 5th place of Group B with 7 points. From now on we have to focus on the Serbian domestic league, which starts for us this Saturday against Banjica, right with the quarter-final.

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