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FK Partizan - Borac Čačak 2:0 (superliga, round 33 - play-off, round 3)

The day had an excellent start, because early in the afternoon unknown people attacked Miloš Vazura in front of Partizan stadium, when he arrived at the club’s headquarters. The ugly, fat, pig club’s general director could escape, but the attackers injured a security guard, who arrived to help Vazura.
The club made a press release full of empty phrases, where they go into details for long paragraphs about nothing. Meanwhile Vazura had a tour in the entire Serbian sports media complaining that he was threatened with death. He also told the public that he knew well who had been behind the attack.
He even told the name of the (suspected) scapegoat, who is not else than Nenad Bjeković, Partizan’s former class player, who is aspiring for the club’s presidental seat now. Bjeković instantly laughed it off and told Vazura what to do and with whom.
You can get horrified on these events, you can get shocked, you can moralize, search for a scapegoat, or cross yourself, but there’s one thing you can’t do: get surprised. It was in the air for a while. The egg-throwing case was the last drop. After that it was just a question of time when the fans’ fury will manifest in an open attack. By the way, it surely didn’t shock Vazura too much, as he had enough energy afterwards to have a tantrum in the media and hold others suspect.

I’ll be honest: one side of my mind was laughing hard on it and the only thing it was sorry for is that the attackers couldn’t catch this Mangalica. The other side was a bit more sober, it said, even if they had caught him and beat the hell out of him to make him remember it years later, it still wouldn’t have solved anything. The team would still be in a rut, the management would still be dilettant and the players wouldn’t play any better.

One more thing.
The club’s press release was written on the level of a stupid, spoiled teenage bitch. I find its last sentence especially disgusting that says "all those who don’t condemn this attack, is no longer entitled to be called a Partizan-fan".

Dear everyone, fellow fans, Grave Diggers,
Dear Friends,
I owe you a confession. 
I’m not a Partizan-fan.
As you can see, the management of the team thinks they are allowed to determine who is Partizan-fan and who is not. Heart doesn’t matter. Dedication doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you have been a Partizan-fan since birth and the Team is your life and soul. They will tell you who and what matters.
It means, I’m not a Partizan-fan. 
From now on please, read this blog knowing that it’s written by someone who is not a Partizan-fan. (Obviously I’m writing it only because I have nothing else to do.)

A message to the management and especially to the person who handed this press release out (signed as FK „Partizan“, with quote marks): fuck you all and kill yourselves.

Now about the match.

Southern tribune, right before the start
(screenshot/ArenaSport 1)

One last group hug before the game
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The first attempt came in the 4th minute. We got a free kick on the left side, from a sharp angle, approx. 25 metres from the box. Mihajlović kicked it to the goalmouth, the defenders headed it out.
In the 7th minute Saša Ilić forwarded the ball to Bandalovski in the left. Bandalovski crossed it to the middle, but everyone else were far behind to catch the ball.
In the 11th minute Saša Ilić passed to Bojinov in the middle. Bojinov forwarded it to Golubović, he shot, missing the box with a few centimetres.

This was the first real attempt. Otherwise we tried to build up attacks, Borac was stuck in their half, but we didn’t mean any danger for their goal line.

In the 18th minute Bojinov crossed to Golubović from the left. Golubović headed it to the box, it was too high. Then in the 24th minute Bojinov got the ball from Brašanac. He ran up, dribbled a defender (which was a big surprise, because so far Bojinov could operate only with attempts when the ball is served to him on a golden plate), shot, the goalkeeper saved.
Borac could reach to our penalty area only in the 28th minute, but the referee whistled it off, because they were on offside.
Other than this nothing really happened. The pace was slow, Borac passed the ball forth and back, sometimes tackled Partizan’s players, but they couldn’t make it up to our goalmouth. We kept on attacking (or at least trying), but we were blocked most of the time.
Partizan looked to be in pieces. The players were just wandering all around on the field, they seemingly had no idea what to do.
In the 34th minute Everton got the ball in the middle and passed it to Bogosavac. Bogosavac forwarded it to Saša Ilić, he sent it ahead to Bojinov. Bojinov shot from 20 metres, it was way too high.
In the 27th minute we got a free kick from 30 metres, on the left. Mihajlović stood behind the ball, crossed it to the middle. There Bojinov shot, the goalkeeper had a great save. The ball dropped to Golubović, he shot from the five-metre-line, but he sent the ball up to the sky.
In the 39th minute came Šaranov’s usual "show": he wanted to do a goal-kick, but he screwed it up. Vujaklija was hanging around there, he grabbed the ball and shot. The ball hit Miladin Stevanović, ending it in a corner kick. After the kick we made a counter-attack. Bandalovski crossed from a sharp angle into the middle. Brašanac shot, it was too wide.

His facial expression says it all
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

In the 45+1st minute Mihajlović shot to the box after a throw-in. The goalkeeper again had a great save. The ball dropped to Golubović again, and the young player didn’t miss it out this time, but shot it into the middle of the net. 1:0

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

For the beginning of the second half Borac seemed to come back to life. In the 51st minute Maslać shot after a corner kick. (The ball hit Bogosavac before flying out through the baseline, but still the referee whistled for goal-kick. Oh well. Not as if I wanted to complain.)
In the 55th minute Mihajlović ran up on the left side and crossed to Brašanac in the middle. Brašanac shot, it was too high.
Two minutes later Kostić crossed from the left, Šaranov easily caught it.

A Notts County-flag above Gate M

The two teams were running up and down on the field without building up one single attempt. Finally in the 63rd minute Mihajlović sent a 35-metre-long free kick to the box - but instead it landed right in the hands of the goalkeeper.
In the 64th minute Zec suddenly appeared at our goal and it could have been dangerous, but Bogosavac made an end to it. In the 69th minute Borac got a free kick. Kostić got the ball, he passed it out to the left. A cross came from there, Šaranov caught it.
In the 72nd minute we got a penalty.
Mihajlović was kicked to the ground inside the penalty area. The referee immediately pointed at the white spot. Brašanac stood behind the ball and calmly shot it into the box. 2:0


After the penalty the match just died. Nothing happened, just nothing. There were a few substitutes, sometimes Borac appeared at our penalty area (they had one counter-attack to mention, Bangura headed the ball to the box, if I could see well, but it was too high).

(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1500
Referee: Dejan Anđelković (assistants: Nemanja Petrović, Vladimir Čađenović - 4th assistant: Marko Dimitrijević - goal line assistants: Milorad Milićević, Igor Kocić)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, M. Stevanović, Jovanović (Kosović, 75.), Bogosavac - Brašanac, Everton, S. Ilić - Golubović (A. Stevanović, 72.), Mihajlović - Bojinov (Vlahović, 67.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Borac Čačak: Bajić - Tanasin, Krstić, Maslać, Kostić - Balabanović (Adžović, 71.), Petrazzi - Jovanović, Zorić (Bangura, 82.), Zec (Sotirović, 86.) - Vujaklija
Head coach: Tomas Vasov

Goal scorers: Golubović (45+1.), Brašanac (72. - pen.)
Yellow card: Kostić (19.), Vujaklija (36.), Bandalovski (42.), Balabanović (51.)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. CZ 42 points
2. Čukarički 36 points
3. Partizan 31 points
4. Radnički Niš 29 points
5. Vojvodina 27 points
6. Surdulica 25 points
7. Borac 23 points
8. FK Voždovac 21 points

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