Monday, May 2, 2016

VK Partizan - Pro Recco 7:18 (Champions League, Round 9)

Mea culpa: I was fully convinced that the game against Galatasaray was the last one in the Champions League and we have only the Serbian domestic league to focus on. Well, that’s what they call epic fail.
This one was really the last one though.
On this video you can watch the introducing of both teams. You can see what a great applause the former Partizan-players, Dušan Mandić and Filip Filipović receive.

Pro Recco kept the game under control from the face-off. (Duško Pijetlović told after the match, he had expected a bit more resistance from the home team.) The Italian team was in a fantastic shape, they have already qualified to the Final 6, they have good chances to win the title, and this difference was visible on both teams.
Pro Recco immediately took the lead. Jakšić equalized (1:1).
Then nobody knows what happened. Maybe it’s better not to know what happened. Nevertheless the first half ended with 2:8. The Italians were scoring, one after the other, we could earn only one at the very end of the half, by Lukas Gilen.

In the third quarter Pro Recco quickly scored two more (2:10). Gilen threw one more for us (3:10) from power play. We could score a 4th goal as well, yet the guests were leading to 4:12 for the end of the third part. It was one hell of a struggle and there was one more quarter left.

In the fourth quarter we scored three goals, Pro Recco had 6. I think it was high time to end this match as well as this ordeal in Champions League this season.

Gilen and Jakšić scored 2-2 goals, the others (Subotić, Drašović, Asanović) earned 1-1.

A message to Dušan Mandić & co.: after all these please, be kind enough to smash everyone in the F6 down and bring home the silverware. Thanks.

End result of Group B (this time it's really the end result):
1. Pro Recco 22 points
2. Szolnok 21 points
3. Dubrovnik 19 points
4. OSC 9 points
5. Partizan 7 points
6. Galatasaray 1 point

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