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FK Partizan - FK Voždovac 2:1 (superliga, round 35 - play-off, round 5)

Partizan-bench before the start of the game: Miroslav Vulićević, Saša Ilić and Filip Kljajić

We had a heavy start. In the first 10 minutes we got Voždovac stuck at their half, we practically made them play bunker football. In the 3rd minute Alen Stevanović ran up on the left and crossed to Lukić. Lukić shot almost from the baseline, the goalkeeper saved.

Saša Lukić wore the captain’s armband in the first half

In the 6th minute Subić (who finally played again after a very long pause) passed to Bojinov. A Voždovac-defender tackled by sliding in, the ball hit his arm (the slow motion replay confirmed it), but the referee again didn’t whistle for penalty.
Voždovac could break out from the bunker in the 11th minute. They got a corner kick right there (which was inactivated by Partizan-defenders). From then on the match was less one-sided, yet it still lacked action. The teams were running all around, mostly on the midfield, sometimes one of them ran towards the box, but could barely make it further than the penalty area line.
In the 19th minute Subić crossed to the middle. Kosović was about to head it to the box, but a defender was quicker and sent the ball out through the baseline.
In the 22nd minute Golubović got the ball after a throw-in. He quickly crossed it to the middle, where Lukić headed it towards the box, but it was too wide. A minute later Voždovac’s Radin sent a sudden, distant shot to our box, it was too wide.
In the 29th minute Everton got the ball from Stevanović in the middle. He shot it to the box from at least 30 metres, the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 33rd minute Srećković ran up towards our penalty area

meanwhile on the other side Subić was rolling on the ground in pain, but seemingly nobody cared
this kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour can totally freak me out, when such occurs at better places, the ball will be immediately kicked out, even by the opponent, for the medical assistance to be able to enter the pitch, but the referee also whistles off the attack
fair play, my a.....

he shot after a big solo, but missed it out.

Everton just had to pick a quarrel with the opponent’s player AGAIN. It was not the first time he started to push someone from the other team, while the (alleged or actual) foul was not committed against him, what is more, most of the time he wasn’t even there when it happened. Still he appears there and starts to push the opponent’s player around while cursing.
I also noticed, whomever we play against, no matter what is the standing of the game, after a certain time the opponent starts to grind Everton strategically. A kick here, a brunt there - it doesn’t matter as long as it makes him fall on the ground and he hits himself. It’s not less unsportsmanlike than Everton’s primitive and aggressive manifestations on the field, but nevertheless it’s not surprising at all. And it will continue as long as this Brazilian boor keeps up hthis attitude.

Other than this above nothing happened on the match. Voždovac got more and more closer to our penalty area, while we passed the ball backwards, having no better idea. At the very end in the 45th minute Bandalovski had a mentionable attempt, kicking the ball to the middle from a sharp angle, but the goalkeeper caught it.

Question of the day: why didn’t Aleksandar Subić get any chance to get into the starting eleven until now?
(He could be seen often on the bench, so he was surely not injured.)
Just because at this match he played very well. He had great crosses to the middle, he ran a lot and he was dangerous for the opponent’s goal as well. But even earlier, when he was (still) in the starting eleven, there was never any complain for his game. He is a defender, but he can play left-winger as well. He plays through the entire left side, he is also dangerous for the opponent’s goal. If he got much more chance, we could easily bring the best out of him.

We started the second half with a goal.
It was like in a comedy. Stevanović forwarded the ball to Subić on the left. Subić ran up to the baseline and sent it back to Bojinov. Bojinov wanted to shoot, but he hit Radojević instead, who arrived sliding in. He still wanted to pick the ball, but that rolled away from him. Golubović appeared, grabbed the ball and kicked it into the box. 1:0

After this Voždovac tried with a counter-attack. Mašović shot, it was too high.
In the 54th minute Voždovac got a corner-kick. After kicking the ball around it was Blagojević, who got the chance to shoot. It was too high (also, as if the ball had hit someone before flying out).
In the 58th minute Bojinov was tackled by the defenders. The ball rolled to Golubović, he immediately shot, the goalkeeper caught it. Still in the same minute Everton received the ball from the left. From him it was sent to Golubović again. Golubović again shot, missing the box with just a few centimetres.
In the 70th minute Saša Ilić shot from the middle, the goalkeeper easily caught it.

As slow as the game was flowing in the previous 10-12 minutes, it sped up as much for the last 20. In the 71st minute Srećković got the ball from Odita (the Nigerian player sent it backwards with an Oxford trick) and shot from 18 metres, missing the box barely. A minute later again Srećković made some unpleasant moments inside our penalty area, this time Šaranov stopped him. In the 73rd minute the guests got a free kick, almost at the left corner flag. Ivković sent the cross to the box, but it was too high.
In the 80th minute Mihajlović ran up with the ball on the left. He had a big solo, dribbled around then shot and scored a great goal. 2:0

Voždovac’s reply came two minutes later.
They got a corner kick. The cross flew through the goalmouth, Partizan’s entire defense just watched in shock. Kosović tried to do something, but the ball dropped to Mihajlov and he shot it into the box. 2:1
In the 85th minute Mihajlović ran up again on the left with the ball and crossed to Saša Ilić in the middle. He shot, the goalkeeper saved.
Voždovac had one attempt left in the extra time (90+4.), Stojanović shot, Šaranov saved.



Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 1500
Referee: Nemanja Petković (assistants: Uroš Stojković, Bojan Stanojević - 4th assistant: Vladimir Šegrt - goal line assistants: Milorad Milićević, Jovan Šegrt)

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Bandalovski, Gogoua, M. Stevanović, Subić - Everton, Kosović, Lukić (S. Ilić, 46.), Golubović - A. Stevanović (Mihajlović, 65.), Bojinov (Vlahović, 72.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

FK Voždovac: Popović - Ćirković, Mihajlov, Radivojević, Ivković - Radin, Pavlović, Blagojević (Petrović, 78.), Srećković (Račić, 80.) - Odita, Mašović (Stojanović, 55.)
Head coach: Bratislav Živković

Goal scorers: Golubović (46.), Mihajlović (81.), Mihajlov (83.)
Yellow card: Kosović (39.), Ivković (68.), Radin (86.)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. CZ 45 points
2. Partizan 37 points
3. Čukarički 36 points
4. Vojvodina 33 points
5. Radnički Niš 32 points
6. Borac 29 points
7. Surdulica 25 points
8. FK Voždovac 21 points


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