Friday, May 13, 2016

Mega Leks - KK Partizan 81:85 (superliga, round 2)

It was crazy.
On one hand this match just had to be put to the same day as the football cup final, and as an extra, the same TV channel broadcasted the two games

someone please, tell me, what was the idea behind it? Who thought that if a cup final starts at 19:00, it will really end at 21:00? I get that a football game is usually not longer than 90 minutes, but a final always includes the end ceremony as well, not mentioning the possible extra time
if at least the basketball game would have been broadcasted on AS 2 or something

so most of the first quarter was missed. Beside all ArenaSport stream links died, there was only’s online broadcast left. Okay, it was great, because I could still watch the basketball team, yet on the other hand I was totally confused, because this broadcast had no commentator and it was from only one camera stand, without slow motion replay.
But let’s see things from the positive side. There was broadcast and we won. This latter one wasn’t that clear-cut though at first. After successfully finding a working link, the welcome screen was "Mega Leks - Partizan 21:18" which soon jumped to 24:18 after a 3-pointer. The quarter ended with 25:21, Average Fan just had a resigned sigh, after all, the football team won the Cup, let’s not be insatiable.
So lucky Partizan’s basketball team had a totally different opinion.

As there was no commentator for the game, I can’t really tell who scored and when. Nevertheless at the end of this post you’ll find the statistics.

Mega Leks was still leading at the beginning of the second quarter. Then we could equalize, first by the scores of Veličković (29:29), then of Vitkovac (31:31). Then something happened. Either we sped up or Mega Leks collapsed (or both), nevertheless we were soon leading to 33:40. From then on we kept our advantage til the end. We finished the first half with Veličković’s fantastic buzzer beater (42:51).

Veličković some time during the game
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

In the third quarter we reached the 10-point difference (47:57). The team was on fire, Cvetković made a great steal, passed the ball to Jones, who thanked and slammed it into the ring (49:63).

(source: GlimmerKKP)

Referees were not on top to say the least. Just the usual... What was fine for the opponent, was foul for us. For their great-great luck their activities didn’t have any negative impact on the end result. We finished the third part with 58:67.
In the last quarter we kept our advantage of 10+ points. Mega Leks tried with full court press, though the truth is, they scored mostly from free throws, as referees very generously served them a lot on golden plate. We could score only once, Mega Leks reduced the difference to 81:85 with the many free throws they got. Still the victory was ours.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

There are no highlights available about the game, but here is a video about KK Partizan’s brand new locker room (courtesy of Adidas Srbija) for your satisfaction.

Mega Leks: Rašić (7), Đoković, Veljković, Ivanović (11), Zubac (10), Pavlović, Luwawu (9), Zagorac (10), Popović (8), Simeunović, Nikolić (14), Janković (10)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (12), Aranitović, Jones (15), Murić (7), Marinković (6), Veličković (15), Vitkovac (15), Koprivica, Milutinović (3), Williams, Vrabac (3), Wilson (9)

Current championship standings:

Group A:
1. CZ 4 points
2. FMP 4 points
3. Metalac 2 points
4. Tamiš 2 points

Group B:
1. Partizan 4 points
2. Mega Leks 3 points
3. Kostantin 3 points
4. Borac 2 points

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