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Radnik Surdulica - FK Partizan 0:4 (superliga, round 34 - play-off, round 4)

All the devils of technology conspired against this blogpost. My net connection has been on the verge of death again for days, and it just had to collapse yesterday right when the match had started. It was so disastrous that I couldn’t download Partizan’s live score page either. I could watch the game only now, at this link.
No photos were taken at the game. I found none at Partizan’s website, nor on their official Facebook-page. No idea how it occured, nevertheless I brought you a few screenshots.
Both teams started very hard, with lots of fouls. As if Surdulica’s players had got the command before the game to kill everyone from Partizan. We got a free kick in the 2nd minute after one of these fouls, about 22 metres from the box. Mihajlović shot, the goalkeeper caught it.
In the 6th minute Brašanac got the ball on the left. He ran up with it and shot from a sharp angle. The goalkeeper caught it. A minute later Bogosavac crossed to him. Brašanac ran up on the left, crossed to the middle, where Bojinov was fumbling too long, Radnik-defenders tackled him. Saša Ilić tried to save the day, his attempt ended with a corner kick.
In the 9th minute Saša Ilić forwarded the ball, Brašanac got it, then passed it in the goalmouth to Bojinov

what a selfless gesture

but the goalkeeper was faster than this sloth caught the ball before the Bulgarian could have reached it. Radnik started a counter-attack. Deletić got the ball on the right, he ran up with it, shot, but it was way too wide.
Apart from this one attempt Surdulica was stuck on their half. They could break out some time in the 14th minute. Owusu got a huge cross at our penalty area. He shot, it was too high.
In the 17th minute Saša Ilić started an attack on the left. He dribbled himself through the defenders

it should be taught at football academies how this almost-40-year-old veteran passes, dribbles and conducts the team flawlessly, like a true professional

crossed to Bojinov in the middle. Bojinov shot from the goalmouth, but it was too high.

Grumpyhead Bojinov after he missed out the chance

Da Boss

In the 22nd minute we got a free kick on the right side. Golubović (if I could see well...) headed it to the box, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 24th minute we got a corner-kick, but Radnik-defenders sent it downfield. Or rather, they just wanted, because Vulićević arrived on the right with a slide-in and kicked the ball to the box with his sole (!). For Radnik’s great luck Vuković was still standing on the goal line and saved it, otherwise it would have been 0:1 at this point.
A minute later Saša Ilić possessed the ball. He forwarded it to Brašanac, Brašanac sent it to Mihajlović on the left. Mihajlović shot, it was too high.
In the 31st minute after a Brašanac-Mihajlović teamwork the young left-winger shot. The ball hit the upper arm of Surdulica’s defender (the slow motion replay clearly showed it), but the referee didn’t whistle for penalty. A minute later Bogosavac forwarded to Brašanac. Brašanac shot from the left, the goalkeeper saved.
In the 34th minute Stojanović got a long cross from deep, right at our penalty area. He headed it to the box, it was too wide.
In the 37th minute Vulićević was rudely kicked to the ground at the right side of Radnik’s penalty area. It was close to the line, but still inside, the slow motion replay confirmed it.
Well, not for referee Piper. He just waved "go ahead".
In the 39th minute Mihajlović shot from the corner of the penalty area, barely missing it. Then in the 41st minute again he possessed the ball. He ran up on the left and served it to Bojinov in the middle. Bojinov was standing at the penalty area line. He shot and succeeded to send the ball to the middle of the box. 0:1

The moment right after the goal

"Hey, you! You up there! Gimme back my chocolate now! See, I scored a goal!"

In the 45th minute Saša Ilić forwarded the ball to Brašanac. Brašanac crossed it to the middle, there Bojinov grabbed it and shot. The ball hit the goalkeeper and from him it dropped into the box. 0:2

Good boy, you can get a belly rub

In the second half nothing happened for quite a long time. We kept on attacking, sometimes Radnik also tried. After a while their attacks became more and more confident. There were still a lot of fouls, well, other than them there was really nothing to mention. Both teams ran a lot, but none of them had any attempts. It was going like this until the 58th minute, when Bojinov passed to Mihajlović. Mihajlović shot and the ball flew into the box, passing by the surprised goalkeeper. 0:3

The scorer

Radnik had their first mentionable attempt in the 60th minute, but the referee whistled it off for offside.

Saša Ilić got substituted in the 63rd minute. Surdulica-fans greeted him with loud applause, Mutavdžić gives him the five


At this point Radnik was a bit more often on our half than earlier, but they didn’t mean any danger to our goal line. The pace slowed down after a while; we possessed the ball more but we couldn’t work out any attempt.
In the 68th minute Radnik got a free kick 25 metres from the box in the middle. After some pitter-patter Arsić shot and hit the left goalpost.
In the 73rd minute Deletić shot, it was too high. Still in the same minute Owusu ran up on the left and crossed to the middle, but the other Radnik-player, who received the ball shot it too high.
In the 78th minute Mihajlović got a pass from deep. He shot, right into the goalkeeper. The ball dropped to Lukić, but the attempt ended as a goal-kick.
In the 83rd minute Surdulica got a free kick. Deletić crossed it to the middle, Mutavdžić headed it to the box, it was too high.
In the 88th minute we got a corner kick. Šaranov punched it out, but the home team kept on possessing the ball. Marković was dribbling on the left, then he shot, Šaranov saved, but the ball droped to Mutavdžić. He shot, too, Šaranov again saved, finally Golubović kicked the ball downfield.
In the 90th minute Mihajlović ran up on the left side, then shot, it was too high. A minute later he didn’t miss it out though. Everton came up on the right with the ball and forwarded it to Golubović. Golubović crossed to Mihajlović in the middle. Mihajlović shot and scored a great goal. 0:4

Mihajlović shoots...

...then they can celebrate

Match highlights:


Venue: FK Radnik stadium, Surdulica
Number of spectators: 2500
Referee: Petar Piper (assistants: Oliver Petrović, Slađan Rajković - 4th assistant: Milan Minić - goal line assistants: Milan Ilić, Bojan Nikolić)

Radnik Surdulica: Ristić - Marković, Vuković, Gojković, Milovanović - Putinčanin, Deletić, Arsić (Pavlović, 73.), F. Stojanović (Mutavdžić, 46.) - S. Stojanović (Jovanović, 61.), Owusu
Head coach: Miloš Veselinović

FK Partizan: Šaranov - Vulićević, M. Stevanović, Jovanović, Bogosavac - Brašanac (Kosović, 46.), Everton, S. Ilić (Lukić, 68.) - Golubović, Mihajlović - Bojinov (Vlahović, 75.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Bojinov (41., 45.), Mihajlović (58., 90+1.)
Yellow card: Milovanović (51.), M. Stevanović (78.), Ristić (79.)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. CZ 45 points
2. Čukarički 36 points
3. Partizan 34 points
4. Vojvodina 30 points
5. Radnički Niš 29 points
6. Borac 26 points
7. Surdulica 25 points
8. FK Voždovac 21 points

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