Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Inline hockey championship, round 2: 3 games, 3 convincing Partizan-victories

We went down to Crna Rupa sports hall for some training.
That was this round in a nutshell. It means, we are still undefeated.
At first we clashed with NS Stars, we washed them off with 4:7. The next match was even better. 13:1 (!!!) with Spartak.
Finally we played with Vojvodina. That was probably the only game that made our boys sweat a bit. The standing was 3:3 even after the 2nd period, then the team sped up for the last part and we pushed the opponent down with 9:4. Right now we are on the top of the league table with the maximum of points.
The next round will be on 5th June in Crna Rupa sports hall.
There are some photos from the game against Vojvodina:

(photos: Facebook/Savez hokeja na ledu Srbije)

Current championship standings:
1. IHK Partizan 15 points
2. SHKL CZ 12 points
3. HK Vitez 11 points*
4. HK Spartak 6 points
5. HK Vojvodina 3 points
6. HK NS Stars 1 point**

*, ** - 1 point was taken away from Vitez, still not being able to play with NS Stars; their match was whistled off in the first period at 0:5 for the too many injuries of Vitez's players.

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