Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FMP - KK Partizan 79:74 (play-off, semifinal, 2nd game)

This video is a perfect summary about this game.

It’s like when you try to fight against armed forces state forces the little favourites of the current state leadership, but at the end you come a cropper with them.
The wonderful (not...) prequel for this game was FMP having a tantrum at the basketball association to be able to lock out Partizan-fans from this game, because at the previous game they behaved soooo terribly, what a shame, such antipopular elements hooligans are not allowed to their "basketball arena" (LOL).

For this previous game show Partizan got a fine of 360 000 dinars from the association. You can’t just mock Nebojša Čović and his family, comrades people! There must be law and order!...

So, it was breathtakingly beautiful. (Not.) 80 % of the stands were empty, there were only a handful of monkeys that just escaped from the zoo FMP-fans and a few Partizan-supporters disguised as peaceful spectators.

National anthem
(screenshot/ArenaSport 1)

Referees made sure already at the beginning that they don’t like us. The national anthem hasn’t even ended when FMP already got a free throw (1:0). Đumić took us the lead (1:2), but it didn’t last long, the home team took it back (6:5). They were leading in the first quarter, sometimes we equalized (7:7 - Jones, 15:15 - Williams), but we could still make a cliffhanger for the last seconds. The standing was 19:18, Milutinović threw the ball into the ring and he scored, just as it is written in the Big Book of Basketball. 19:20, end buzz.

Aleksandar Cvetković with his barnacle, Filip Čović
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

We were leading in the second quarter, though it cost a lot of sweat from us. We couldn’t have a bigger jump, our advantage was only 3-4 points. FMP, led by Čović jr. used very aggressive tactics, while we were like as if we could’t follow their pace. Meanwhile Jones scored, with at least 4 FMP-players hanging on him (24:28).
Filip Čović was in royal spirits. Now that Partizan-fans were forced to stay away, yet Daddy was there, yes, Nebojša Čović himself

mingling with FMP-fans, so that everyone could see he was just an ordinary man, too, an ordinary father who came to watch his sonny boy

his real moron self could come to the surface.
Filip Čović is not a good player. He isn’t much skilled, he is not a class player, also he is relatively small (180 cm), so if he wants to do a spectacular slam dunk, he has to ask a taller teammate to raise him up to the ring. He compensate these with being tireless and very aggressive, using tactics that makes him stick to the opponent’s player more than a barnacle. So, he is not a prominent player, but a very unpleasant, sometimes dangerous opponent. His fellow teammates practically just assist to him, it’s visible that FMP is about him only.

Would they dare to be about someone else?...

FMP’s aggressive game finally brought fruits. Okay, they needed the referees’ help a lot. They equalized (30:30), took back the lead (32:30) and from then on they kept control in their hands. They used full court press, with a lot of man-to-man clashes. They were leading to 43:36 in the half-time.

Cvetković fighting with Čović
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

For the third quarter we seemed to be slightly worn out. FMP’s grinding style mixed with the biased referees made it. And the truth is that we didn’t play well either. We were weak and made a million mistakes. The home team was leading to 45:39, then Čović got technical foul for something. No word can describe that rant Čoki jr. made.

"DAAADDYYYYYYYYY!!! Stop them! They gave technical foul to ME!!!"
(screenshot/ArenaSport 4)

But regulations are regulations. Čović got technical foul and we got a legal free throw (47:45). Then we took the lead with Murić’s 3-pointer (47:48).
Referees put themselves into action and made provision for keeping us back from taking control of the game. They quickly whistled offensive foul on Williams for nothing, FMP got a gift free throw (48:48). From then on it was going like this. Referees whistled off everything, really EVERYTHING we made as a foul. Even if a Partizan-player just gave a nasty look on the opponent. For the end of the quarter the home team reached the two-digit difference (58:48). Cvetković dauntlessly reduced it to 8 (with Čović on his back). 58:50. Yet referees gave TWO MORE free throws to FMP during the few seconds that were left until the buzz. Because why not. And because Daddy was there, too. The third quarter ended with 61:50.

Novica Veličković explains something with big gestures
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The last quarter wasn’t any better than the previous ones. To this we added our weakness and too many mistakes. Finally somehow we equalized, with clenching teeth (65:65), but we immediately got the next foul with the usual gift free throw to FMP (67:65). Meanwhile one of their players, Tejić was fouled out, but even that didn’t help us much. Another of their players made a rude foul on Wilson, the referees didn’t whistle it off, yet when Milutinović just touched a home player, he was fouled right there, followed by the gift free throw... Jones’s alleged double dribble was whistled off (I wasn’t convinced by ArenaSport’s slow motion replay...), meanwhile the game looked more like wrestling than basketball.

Williams in a "sandwich"
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Cvetković got fed up and with an excellent throw he took us back the lead (69:70). It brought a "ping pong"-game (one basket here, one basket there) that brought advantage for FMP (73:72). Home players were pushing Wilson so much that he slid out of the baseline with the ball - the referees whistled it off with advantage to FMP, of course. Meanwhile their coach got a technical foul, Wilson scored from the free throw and brought us up to 2 points (76:74).
Well, yes. We got dangerously close to the opponent, so the referees had to take action urgently. Only 9 seconds were left, when Vitkovac was fouled, because just so. Gift free throw to FMP (77:74). Then only 5 seconds were left when Vitkovac was fouled AGAIN. The opponent scored from the free throw, that was the end result as well (79:74). Third, crucial game will be held on Wednesday from 21:00. ArenaSport 1 will broadcast that, too, live.

Aleksandar Džikić’s facial expression says it all
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

FMP: Čović (16), Davidovac (9), Ostojić, Apić (12), Jeković, Đoković (4), Lazarević (9), Bursać (2), Dobrić (21), Šešlija (2), Radovanović (2), Tejić (2)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (10), Aranitović, Jones (18), Murić (7), Marinković (5), Veličković (4), Vitkovac (4), Đumić (4), Milutinović (9), Williams (8), Vrabac (1), Wilson (4)

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