Sunday, May 8, 2016

Radnički Kragujevac - VK Partizan 3:11 (play-off, semifinal, 2nd match)

I don’t know whose idea this was to put the water polo match right to the same time as the football game. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who would have loved to watch the water polo team tearing Team Kragujevac to tiny pieces and enter the final with flags high (because the game was broadcasted live again on Youtube). Nevertheless my warmest (not) greetings to everyone in charge.

Other than this, it was a smooth thing. After the sparkling 9:2 of the previous game it shouldn’t have been any kind of difficulty.
Well, it didn’t. In the first quarter we pushed down the home team deep through the pipes of the Kragujevac city pool. Gogov started the row, followed by Subotić and Jakšić (0:3). Here came a Radnički-goal (1:3), but Subotić and Drašović didn’t allow space for any possible hopes for the hosts (1:5).
Kragujevac started the second quarter with heavy attacks. They scored one more goal (2:5), but then Rističević decided to stop being nice and he saved all the attempts of the home team for the rest of the first half. Meanwhile at the other side Gogov and Tanasković had a parade, bringing Partizan to a 5-goal-advantage for the half-time (2:7).
The second half was easy. Radnički scored their last goal in the third quarter, but practically we controlled the game, and we didn’t even have to push ourselves at all. The end result speaks for itself, in the final we’ll clash with Crvena Zvezda, unti two victories. The first match will be on 22nd May.
This match has three heroes, Subotić, Jakšić and Gogov, they all scored 2-2 goals. The rest of the goals (5) are shared among five players: Gilen, Tigkas, Drašović, Tanasković and Radojević.

Here is Gogov, as he is swinging the ball, and a goal is coming in 3, 2, 1...

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