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THE CUP IS OURS!!! FK Javor - FK Partizan 0:2 (Serbian Cup, final)


Oh. My. God. And what a game it was. It was raining heavily, the field was bumpy and there were Grave Diggers on the stands chanting on the top of their voices.
Match atmosphere. How long it has been absent from Partizan’s games.

Precioussss... It was on display before the game

Warming up before the match

Starting eleven

At the beginning of the game Javor had a heavy start. They probably thought to surprise us with a quick goal, and after that they might take control over the match. This lasted only until the 7th minute, but during those 7 minutes we got stuck to our half.
The 7th minute was the first time we could reach their penalty area. Gogoua sent a distant, sudden shot to their box from 25-30 metres, the goalkeeper saved. A minute later Golubović crossed to the middle, where Mihajlović got the ball and headed it to the box, but it was too high.
In the 10th minute Bogosavac and Mihajlović had some great teamwork after a free kick, then Mihajlović crossed to the middle, where Bogosavac was waiting for the ball. He immediately shot, it was too high.
At this point of the game we put Javor’s box under fire, though so far with no result. In the 12th minute Brašanac shot to the box, it was too high. In the 16th minute Javor’s goalkeeper Đogatović caught a dangerous corner kick from us. Finally in the 19th minute Team Ivanjica could break out of the bunker with a 40-metre free kick.
It was a spectacular, exciting match with great atmosphere. Yet it lacked actual goal attempts, even if someone tried to shoot, it was either too high or too wide. In the 24th minute Mihajlović was dribbling on the left side, then crossed to the middle, but it was imprecise.
In the 27th minute Josović headed the ball to our box after a corner kick. It was just wide enough to avoid our goal line, but it still caused cardial arrest. We were very lucky that it didn’t end with the ball inside the net.
In the 29th minute Mihajlović got a fantastic pass on the right (I didn’t see it clearly, but probably from Vulićević). He immediately shot, the goalkeeper had a great save. In the 34th minute Saša Ilić crossed from the left to Brašanac in the middle. Brašanac shot from at least 30 metres, barely missing the box. A minute later Mihajlović ran up on the left side. He dribbled, then crossed to the middle, where Vulićević received it and shot. The attempt ended in a corner kick.
Mihajlović walked to the left corner flag to do the kick. He crossed it into the goalmouth, where Jovanović jumped up, raised high and headed the ball into the middle of the net with a classic movement. GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!! 0:1!!!

Jovanović heads the ball into the box...

...then runs to the tribune to celebrate with the fans

He went to the heaven

He scored a goal, he won the Cup and he got a high five from The Boss. Today was a good day

Meanwhile fans hung a giant banner to the stands to remember the 1966 European Cup Final that was exactly 50 years ago.

The Cyrillic words’ meaning: "50 years of proud memories" with the image of the starting eleven of the 1966 team
(photo: Facebook/Верни Гробари)

In the 43rd minute Javor got a free kick about 25 metres from the box. (I’m not sure, maybe Gajić was the one who shot.) Nevertheless the ball widely flew away. Two minutes later they got another free kick, now from 40 metres. They shot even this one to the box - respect to them for not giving up trying.
The beginning of the second half tore all Partizan-fans’ remaining nerves to pieces. In the 47th minute Josović got a deep cross almost from the half-line. No flag up, defenders were all left behind. Šaranov ran out of the box, Josović wanted to jump over him with the ball, but he tripped in Partizan’s goalkeeper arriving with a slide and fell. The ball rolled ahead and hit the left goalpost. Javor-fans complained for penalty, but the referee just waved "go ahead".
Hell broke loose some time at this point. No, it wasn’t Javor’s fans who made a fuss, but Partizan’s. They threw firecrackers - it’s just one thing they threw them onto the pitch, but they even hit the linesman. It looked serious, Partizan’s doctor immediately gave him some first aid.
Despite this scene Partizan-fans didn’t stop throwing firecrackers, so referee Mažić decided to put the game on hold and sent the teams back to the tunnel.
Here is a video about this fantastic (not) episode.

A message to these idiots: you’re all retarded. You’re surely very proud of yourselves now, but the truth is that you are in fact real Balkanian assholes. FSS will kill Partizan for this little "fun" you had, and you will be to blame for all the upcoming games behind closed doors and for the thousands, if not millions of dinars Partizan will have to pay as a punishment. All these because of you. Faithful fans, my a.....

Finally Saša Ilić had to go to the stand to have a few words with the fans.

And then this. I’d be ashamed to death if the team’s veteral captain had to ask me to stop acting like a hooligan and behave. 
You’re all idiots. Every single one of you.

Then in the 57th minute the teams returned to the pitch and the game could continue with a Partizan free kick

meanwhile smoke covered the pitch, fans surely brought a truckful of pyrotechnics

about 25-30 metres from the box, almost at the left sideline. Mihajlović shot, the ball rolled out to corner kick.
Meanwhile Gogoua and Stojaković, Javor’s captain had been wrestling with each other. The captain of Team Ivanjica got fed up after a time and while he tackled Gogoua, he delicately knocked the ankles of Partizan’s defender together. He seemed to be perfect with this trick, because the referee didn’t whistle for any foul. (The slow motion replay showed Stojaković touching the ball before knocking Gogoua down.) Gogoua fell to the ground and stayed there for quite a while (but then he could continue the game).


In the 63rd minute Mihajlović ran up on the left. He crossed to Everton in the middle, who was immediately surrounded by Javor-defenders. They put Everton under heavy fire so the Brazilian could not shoot, instead he slid out to the right side and passed to Vulićević. Vulićević forwarded the ball to Brašanac in the middle. Brašanac shot, it ended in a corner kick.
The 67th minute was that rare case when Javor got a corner kick. It caused a big goalmouth scrumble, Crnomarković was wrestling with Partizan-defenders. He finally headed the ball towards the box, Šaranov saved.
In the 69th minute Brašanac got the ball after a spectacular action. He shot, but defenders blocked him right there. Two minutes later Vulićević came up with the ball on the right. He crossed it to the middle, the goalkeeper jumped to catch it, but he caught a butterfly instead... The ball rolled away, Bojinov was there, but before he could do anything, the goalkeeper quickly grabbed the ball.
At this point of the game there were a lot of fouls and sly, nasty tricks. It wasn’t an easy match, at least not for referee Mažić.

He did a very good job though (even if many will hate me now). Apart from that scene in the beginning of the second half, when Josović fell through Šaranov he kept the control in hand, he was consistent and strict.

In the 74th minute Mihajlović crossed a free kick inside Javor’s penalty area. Vlahović just pushed the ball a bit, right in front of Brašanac. Finally the goalkeeper inactivated us.
In the 83rd minute Đokić had a distant shot to our box, it was too high. In the 85th minute Javor again attacked. A cross arrived from the left, Dražić headed it to the box (meanwhile he and Jovanović were wrestling there), it was too wide. A minute later Mihajlović ran up on the left. He dribbled, but eventually he was blocked.
In the 90+3rd minute (9 minutes of extra time was added) Javor started a counter-attack after a Partizan-corner. Josović shot again, now from the distance, Šaranov saved. In the 90+6th minute he punched a Javor free-kick downfield (but the referee has already whistled it off for offside). Then in the 90+7th minute Everton passed the ball to Stevanović on the right. Stevanović crossed it to the middle. Every Javor-defender seemed to fall asleep, but not Vlahović. He jumped up and headed the ball right into the middle of the box. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL, 0:2, THE CUP IS OURS, NOBODY CAN TAKE IT FROM US!!!!!

Vlahović heads the ball to the box...

...and then with his shirt off in the heavy rain he runs to the fans to celebrate with them

The very last, 90+9th minute brought one last Javor-attempt. Eliomar had a distant shot from the right, but it was way too wide.
Then referee Mažić gave the final whistle and it was time to celebrate.
(Now you’ll get a LOT of photos and videos :))

Players raised Saša Ilić on their shoulders

You can watch it here:

Then came the ceremony. First the officials received plaquettes.


Then Javor’s players and coach staff received their medals. Hats off for Partizan-players: they greeted Javor with applause and high fives. Fair play at its best.
Then came what we were all waiting for.
First Partizan’s coach staff...

...the whole team had these cool T-shirts for the ceremony

...and finally the Serbian national team’s newly elected head coach, Slavoljub Muslin gave the Cup to Saša Ilić.


Then it was time to pose with the Cup in groups... Jovanović, Brašanac and Bogosavac...

...or Kosović and Bogosavac...

...or just alone with The Preciousssssss... Saša Ilić, the Captain and the Record Holder - it was his 14th Cup winning

Dušan Vlahović, the young titan

Nemanja Mihajlović

Darko Brašanac

Saša Lukić

Miladin Stevanović

Cédric Gogoua

Marko Jevtović

It was time to scream, sing and jump...



And last but not least, posing for a group photo with the Cup


The team also got a 10-million-dinar prize

Here is a video about the match’s last minutes, the celebration and the ceremony:

Here is SOS Kanal’s short highlights, but you can watch again the entire match if you click on this link:

Then the party continued in the locker-room.


Partizan has earned the right with this victory to enter the European competition series - as for which one, it wil depend on which place of the league table we’ll end the championship.


Venue: FK Metalac stadium, Gornji Milanovac
Number of spectators: 5000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Nemanja Petrović - goal line assistants: Danilo Grujić, Nenad Đokić)

FK Javor: Đogatović, Josović, Docić, Ajuru (Eliomar, 65.), Dražić, Stojaković, Crnomarković, Miletić, Đokić, Milović, Gajić (Vujović, 78.)
Head coach: Mladen Dodić

FK Partizan: Šaranov, Vulićević, Jovanović, Gogoua, Bogosavac, Everton, Brašanac, S. Ilić, Golubović (A. Stevanović, 90+5.), Mihajlović, Bojinov (Vlahović, 72.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorers: Jovanović (35.), Vlahović (90+6.)
Yellow card: Bogosavac (38.), Gogoua (45.), Stojaković (61.), Miletić (70.), Everton (83.), Jovanović (90+5.), Vlahović (90+8.)

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