Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Borac Čačak - KK Partizan 83:94 (superliga, round 4)

This was awful. During the first half Murphy’s every law came into effect that is connected in any way to internet and/or IT. What is more, new laws were born. Dying internet, dead stream, collapsing/freezing browser

I swear, my browser collapses only once a year
well, I hope that now I’m done for the rest of this year

cursing, swearing, finally following the results live on, as nothing else worked.
I could still make a few screenshots and there are official photos, too.

My net’s still dying, the photos are uploading with the speed of a rheumatic snail
I hope I can get this blogpost done for dawn

Group photo before start

Serbian anthem
 (photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Handshakes before start

Jump ball
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

The most important is, as much as I could see, that we were leading for the entire first half. Sometimes our advantage was only 2 points, but we were always ahead (if the home team happened to equalize or even take the lead some time during the game, it didn't last long).

First quarter, Partizan-attack

Murić at the paint

Borac attacks soon before the end of the first quarter

At the end of the first part we were leading to 21:24.
We kept our advantage in the second quarter, too. At a point we were ahead with 9 points (26:35). Borac then reduced the difference to 33:36.
Something happened here, because the standing was in halt on FlashScore for quite a while. I checked other sites, it was the same. If anybody knows what was going on at the court, please, write it to the comment box. Thanks in advance.
Borac equalized soon before half time (39:39), but we could take back the lead (39:42). That was the half time result as well.

Milutinović and Jones some time during the game
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

In the third quarter our advantage was 10 points (42:52). My net came back to life around here, just when Murić stood to the paint again (52:60).
Borac played very aggressively. I don’t know if they had this style in the first half as well, but they bit themselves on our players. I was just blinking. There were a lot of fouls, the game was very fragmented, referees were just whistling all the time.

Still it was a great game. Damn it that I had to miss out the first half.

Team Čačak put rebounding on a perfect level. They threw a lot of 3-pointers. They reduced the difference to 63:66. In the meantime local fans were hissing and booing every time a Partizan-player touched the ball. The atmosphere was heated.

Williams at the paint in the third quarter


In the fourth quarter we quickly jumped to 63:70, then we settled back the two-digit difference (67:77). After that we just had to keep it.
We managed.

Handshakes at the end
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Borac Čačak: Čarapić (3), Mitrović, Popović (5), Mićović (7), Bojić (4), Avramović (19), Bojović, Radonjić (2), Stanojević (2), Radojević (3), Stevanović (27), Mišković (11)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (5), Aranitović, Jones (13), Murić (19), Marinković (4), Veličković (12), Vitkovac (4), Đumić (2), Milutinović (4), Williams (13), Wilson (11)

Current championship standings:

Group A:*
1. CZ 6 points
2. FMP 5 points
3. Metalac 4 points
4. Tamiš 3 points

Group B:
1. Partizan 8 points
2. Mega Leks 7 points
3. Konstantin 5 points
4. Borac 4 points

*Group A played only 3 rounds so far

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