Thursday, May 5, 2016

VK Partizan - Radnički Kragujevac 9:2 (play-off, semifinal, 1st match)

"Routine victory", "the odds were with us", as they say.
Well, yes, something like that.
I brought some screenshots. The game was streamed on Youtube, because none of the sports channels broadcasted it. As usual.

The boys line up at the pool side

Last discussion among team captains and referees

Both teams are in the pool, we are about to start


It was something like you blinked twice and we were leading to 1:0 with Asanović’s goal.
Then you blinked once more and it was 2:0 (goal scorer: Tigkas).
Meanwhile Rističević saved everything. He was like as if all the devils of the hell would be sitting with him on the crossbar.

I’m sure after this game Rističević will appear in the nightmares of Radnički-players. He gives them a broad grin, doesn’t even look up and saves even their impossible attempts - and at this point Radnički-players wake up crying and they all swear they would continue their life on Mt. Athos.

The game was smooth. No heavy clashes, no brutal fights, Partizan was playing from routine. We could allow ourselves the luxury of missing out a penalty at the end of the quarter.

Time-out in the first quarter

In the second quarter Radnički tried to pick themselves together. They attacked, but Rističević saved their attempts with the cool manner of an English lord.
Then Gogov scored a cannon shoot goal in the middle of the quarter. He picked the ball in the middle of the pool, made a sway and threw it.
Then he tore the net to pieces. 3:0
Only 47 seconds were left, when Radojević joined the others on the goal-scorers’ list (4:0).
There were only 5 seconds left, when Rističević thought it might bring a negative light on him, if he didn’t get any goal during the match. Also, it is not nice to stretch the power of the host, not allowing the guests to play. So, Radnički could score a goal here (4:1).

In the third quarter Kragujevac scored another goal (4:2). On the other side of the pool their goalkeeper saved our attempts, well, for a while. In the 5th minute Manojlović scored a FANTASTIC goal with a backhand shot. It was that kind of goal that should be taught everywhere.
Meanwhile Rističević saved everything with a phlegmatic face.
After Radnički’s second goal he rolled down the shutters once and for all. Enough of this playground, kids, you got two goals, deal with it. Radnički-players couldn’t score to him even 2 cm from the goal line. Rističević didn’t even look up just raised his hand and caught the ball.

Next time he should take some crossword puzzle with himself to the box, or macrame, or something like that. Or else he’ll fall asleep in the water from boredom.

Then 14 seconds before the end Subotić scored another goal for Partizan. 6:2, we were ready for the last quarter.

The last quarter was a fiesta.
In the second minute Tigkas scored his second goal (7:2).
In the 4th Jakšić showed himself (8:2).
Rističević saved everything.
Finally in the 6th minute Gogov threw the ball from distance and scored a GIANT goal. (9:2)

Next round will be on Saturday at Kragujevac.

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