Monday, May 9, 2016

Inline hockey championship has started: IHK Partizan - Crvena Zvezda 11:6

The championship started this week-end

yes, there is such a championship as well, of course with eternal derby

it looks like the teams gather together in Crna rupa sports hall in Belgrade and every team plays with all others.
Five teams were present (the sixth one, NS Stars was absent for some reason): Partizan, cz, Vojvodina, Spartak and Vitez. Partizan played two games, one against Vitez (we won to 5:4), the other against the eternal opponent.
We won that to 11:6. (3:1, 2:2, 4:1, 2:2)

Snapshot from the derby

All the known details about the first game are that we were leading against Vitez to 5:1 - the first quarter brought a 1:1 draw, in the second we scored a goal (2:1), the third quarter passed without goals, finally in the fourth both teams scored 3-3 goals - and the end result was open until the end.
No details are available about the derby, but the result speaks for itself.

Fair play handshakes after the game

The next round will be on 22nd May in Crna rupa sports hall.

I know the same day will be the first game of the water polo final, but if you can, and you have the chance, you can go and support the inline hockey team (too).

Current championship standings:
1. IHK Partizan 6 points
2. HK Vitez 6 points
3. SHKL CZ 3 points*
4. HK Spartak 3 points
5. HK Vojvodina 0 point
6. HK NS Stars 0 point**

Only the team marked with * played 3 games, the rest played only two (except for the team marked with **, they played none so far).

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