Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Konstantin - KK Partizan 62:86 (superliga, round 6)

6 matches, 6 victories. We completed the group stage of the superliga without defeat. On Saturday comes FMP with Filip Čović.
This game was a routine victory. We were leading for the whole time, in fact the only question was whether we can reach the 30-point difference for the end (we couldn’t).
The game ran without any spectacular event or moment.

And even the one and only available stream worked fine.

We reached the 10-point difference in the first quarter (9:19). It ended with 14:21. In the second quarter Konstantin reduced the difference to two points (21:23)

respect for them not giving it up for a moment

and there were many missed-out attempts on both sides. We could set back the two-digit difference for the second part of the quarter (21:31). The rest of the first half was going smooth, we could have a half-time break with 26:41.
For the third half we reached the 20-point advantage (40:60), finishing it with 24 points ahead (42:66). In the last quarter we were very close to 30 points (49:77), but Konstantin could pick themselves together enough to avoid this humiliating defeat. Finally we won "only" with 24 points.
Here are two videos, the team broadcasted the game live at some points.

U toku je meč VI kola Superlige Srbije, OKK Konstantin - Partizan NIS
Posted by KK Partizan on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here is the other:

Posted by KK Partizan on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Six games, six victories. It’s something that must be celebrated appropriately
(photo: Twitter)

Konstantin: Veličković (3), Babović (2), Đorđević (2), Mladenović, Vitković (10), Ostojić (15), Tasić (4), Savić (5), Stojanović (3), Milovanović (11)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (7), Aranitović (7), Jones (13), Vitkovac (7), Đumić (11), Koprivica (5), Magdevski, Andrić, Milutinović (5), Vrabac (19), Wilson (12)

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