Sunday, May 15, 2016

KK Partizan - Konstantin 89:73 (superliga, round 3)

It was one tough match. Upon the end result it might look easy, but there was a period during the second quarter that caused a few extra grey hair.
At first we warmed up.

Introduction of the teams

National anthem
(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

In the beginning everything looked fine. We were leading for the entire first quarter, though even then it was obvious that Konstantin won’t be just another training partner, instead they took this match very seriously. They had excellent, spectacular actions, they visibly got prepared for tonight. Nevertheless we finished the first quarter with 21:15, and even though the standing was a bit closer than expected

Average Fan decided beforehand that we would win with an at least 20-25-point-advantage
wishful thinking

still you could easily walk out to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee.

A bonus shot by Vrabac during the first quarter

Then came the second quarter.
At first it was nothing special. Our advantage was 10 points (31:21), though none of the teams could score for quite a while. Finally Konstantin broke the silence (31:23).
The guests had a very good game. They were tricky, fast and had cheeky steals, meanwhile we missed out a long row of attempts in exchange.

Timeout during the second quarter. Aleksandar Džikić surely didn’t praise the players

Then Konstantin started to reduce the difference, from point to point, from basket to basket. 31:28, 31:31, then 31:32... At this point the guests slowly took control over the game. It was high time to end the first half. It ended with Konstantin’s advantage (33:35).

Shuttling Darrel Williams-style: first exchange high fives with children...

...then simply jump over the cordon
(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

In the third quarter we equalized (35:35), but it didn’t bring any relief for a while. Konstantin took back the lead, finally the standing was switched back to our side around 40:40. We quickly jumped to 46:40 and from this point on the game didn’t change. We were leading until the end, though our defense line wasn’t always on top, but thankfully our advantage was big enough so that it didn’t cause any harm for us.

The last quarter was smooth. Partizan picked themselves together, we used full court press, Veličković kept on scoring. Konstantin could earn points almost only from free throws, they barely had any action goals. (Yet they got a lot of free throws, the game was torn to small pieces, referees were constantly whistling.) Finally we couldn’t make the 20-point dream advantage, yet we still had an assertive win.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

KK Partizan: Cvetković (13), Aranitović, Jones (11), Murić (10), Marinković (3), N. Veličković (17), Vitkovac (2), Đumić, Milutinović (2), Williams (10), Vrabac (6), Wilson (15)

Konstantin: V. Veličković (10), Babović (2), Đorđević (10), Mladenović (4), Vitković (2), Ostojić (10), Tasić (18), Savić (1), Stojanović (2), Milovanović (8), Stanković, Gudžić (6)

League table will be brought tomorrow.

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