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FK Partizan - Vojvodina 3:2 (superliga, round 37 - play-off, round 7)

Despite it was the last round of the season, again there were less than few spectators in the stadium. (The official report mentions 4000.)

Saša Ilić warming up

A few minutes before start

I could catch this image, and it’s too beautiful not to share it with you. Partizan stadium’s tribunes in the foreground, St. Sava Cathedral in the background

(photo: Twitter)

Teams arrive

The match had a heavy start, Vojvodina got a free kick already in the 3rd minute, about 18 metres from the box. The shoot was too wide. Two minutes later they got another free kick. The cross arrived from the left, but the referee whistled it off, as one of our defenders was pushed down to the ground.
Then came the 6th minute. We got a corner kick, Mihajlović kicked it to the goalmouth, where Milenković raised up and headed it into the net with a classic movement. 1:0!


Both teams attacked and ran a lot, there could be no complain for the pace. Vojvodina started an attack right after the kick-off. A cross came from the right, Meleg shot it to the box, missing it just with a few centimetres. In the 13th minute Saša Ilić ran up on the right with the ball and crossed it to Bojinov in the middle.
Seriously I haven’t seen such fumbling in my life as that was presented by Bojinov here. (Or if I still have, it was very long ago.) All doors and windows were wide open, but he could still fumble it away. You can watch it in the highlights at the end of the blogpost from 1:40, but only for those with strong nerves. (I warned you.)
In the 15th minute Vojvodina got another free kick, 20-22 metres from the box. Meleg shot, Kljajić had a fantastic, spectacular save.
Meanwhile on the southern tribunes fans made an amazing demonstration. They hung a rope across the tribune and hung all those T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoods they stole/robbed/tore off from Crvena Zvezda-fans. There were those with CZ-logos, Delije Sever-logos, even with Olympiakos-logos. Then they ritually burned these (often terribly dirty) clothes to ashes, while chanting tongue-in-cheek, vulgar rhymes.
You get photos:

(photos: Twitter)

There’s even a video about it:

In the 18th minute Brašanac got the ball after a free kick. He shot it to the box, it was too high. It was his turn again in the 22nd minute. He ran up, dribbled, then shot, but it wasn’t powerful enough to land in the net. The goalkeeper caught it.

Darko Brašanac some time during the game

After this Vojvodina made an immediate counter-attack. Bogosavac stopped them in the last minute, making the attempt end in a corner kick. In the 25th minute another Vojvodina-attack arrived from the right. Rosić (if I could see his shirt number well) crossed to the middle, someone headed it to the box, barely missing it.
A minute later Mihajlović arrived at Vojvodina’s penalty area from the left. He dribbled himself to the middle, then shot and scored, like it’s written in the Big Book of Football. 2:0!


The 29th minute brought another of Bojinov’s great (?) moments. Mihajlović crossed to the middle, Bojinov attacked, he even shot, right into the goalkeeper.
Vojvodina’s first goal came in the 32nd minute, after an embarrassing ball-losing by Partizan. Meleg was right there, he grabbed the ball, ran up and shot it into the box next to Kljajić, who ran out of the goalmouth. 2:1
Two minutes later Nastić had a shot from the left, Kljajić had a great save.

This was the point when I realized there was a relatively peaceful atmosphere on the pitch (despite the usual fouls that always happen on football games). No fights, no yelling, no pushing each other around, yet there are goals, attempts, pace, like on an average football match.
Oh, wait. Everton didn’t play today, so there was no one to pick up useless fights with the opponent.

In the 38th minute we made Vojvodina stuck a bit into their penalty area. We passed the ball around, finally Mihajlović shot from the left, onto the side net.
The last minute brought another dangerous-looking action - well, it would have been dangerous if the ball hadn’t ended at Bojinov. Golubović passed it to the middle, but I have no idea what was going on with the Bulgarian, whether he fumbled it away again, or - AGAIN!!! - he was slower than a snail, nevertheless a defender from the guests tackled him easily.

To the neighbourhood, with lots of love
(photo: Twitter)

The pace slowed down for the second half. The first actual attempt came in the 53rd minute. Lukić ran up in the middle, then passed it to Saša Ilić. The Captain passed back to him. Lukić wanted to shoot, but he kicked the air instead of the ball.
We were leading to 3:1 in the 61st minute with an own goal that literally ached. Rosić wanted to block one of our attacks, but either the ball hit him and flew away in the most possible twisted way, or he kicked the ball into the worst direction, nevertheless instead of the (probably original idea) kick-out/downfield kick the ball flew into the middle of the net with such a fantastic arch you can barely see even at action goals. The goalkeeper desperately ran back to the box, but it was impossible to save this, even if he had stood on the goal line. 3:1

Deep inside I felt for Rosić. It could be a terrible feeling.

In the 65th minute Jovičić sent a distant shot to our box after a free kick, it was too wide. Then in the 73rd minute it was already 3:2. Meleg got a pass in the middle and shot right there, from 20-22 metres. That’s what they call cannon shot.
Vojvodina sped up, they definitely wanted to equalize. In the 77th minute Vukčević (if I could see well) sent a distant cannon shot to our goal after a free kick, but instead of hitting it, he sent the ball out of the stadium. In the 82nd minute Vojvodina got another free kick. Now Meleg shot, Partizan-defenders cleared, though as I could see, it was very close. Another Vojvodina free kick came in the 85th minute, again by Meleg, it ended in a corner kick.

Young Birmančević arrived in the 88th minute as a substitute for Mihajlović


Vukčević sent another cannon shot to our box in the 90th minute, Kljajić saved. Finally, in the 93rd minute there was one free kick left for Vojvodina at our penalty area line, but it ended in the wall. This was the moment of the final whistle as well.


This is one of the most touching moments of the game, if not the entire season. This photo says more than a million words


Match highlights:


Venue: Partizan Stadion, Belgrade
Number of spectators: 4000
Referee: Bojan Nikolić (assistants: Nenad Kurčubić, Srđan Minić - 4th assistant: Uroš Stojković - goal line assistants: Dejan Dimitrijević, Novica Anđelovski)

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Vulićević, Milenković, Jovanović, Bogosavac - Brašanac, Jevtović, S. Ilić - Golubović (Lukić, 46.), Bojinov (Vlahović, 65.), Mihajlović (Birmančević, 88.)
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Vojvodina: Kordić, Lakićević, Rosić, Miletić, Nastić - Sekulić - Malbašić, Paločević (Jovančić, 58.), Babić, Meleg - Ašćerić (Vukčević, 68.)
Head coach: Nenad Lalatović

Goal scorers: Milenković (6.), Mihajlović (26.), Meleg (32., 72.), Rosić (61. - own goal)
Yellow card: Vulićević (35.), Rosić (58.), Brašanac (62.), Jevtović (74.)

End result of the play-off:
1. CZ 54 points
2. Partizan 40 points
3. Čukarički 39 points
4. Vojvodina 36 points
5. Radnički Niš 35 points
6. Borac 30 points
7. FK Voždovac 25 points
8. Surdulica 25 points

End result of the play-out:
1. Mladost 31 points
2. Spartak Subotica 29 points
3. Metalac 28 points
4. Rad 27 points
5. Javor 26 points
6. Novi Pazar 25 points
7. OFK Beograd 18 points
8. Jagodina 15 points

We-know-who’s are the champions, hooray, applause and congratulations.
LOL, just kidding.
Eventually we made it to the 2nd place. Thanks to this and to our cup winning we can enter Europa League. Čukarički and Vojvodina will join us. What is already sure that we enter the Liga in the 2nd round of the qualifyings. The draw will be on 20th June.
As for the play-out: Jagodina is dropped out together with OFK Beograd that had a surprisingly terrible performance this season. Napredak and Bačka Palanka qualified from the prva liga, for the latter one this will be the first season in the superliga.

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