Monday, May 16, 2016

Radnički Niš - FK Partizan 1:0 (superliga, round 36 - play-off, round 6)

A photo leaked out soon before the game about the (alleged) new jersey of the football team for the 2016/17 season. It’s surely not official yet, as there’s no track of it at Partizan’s homepage, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you get the chance now.


It’s rather minimalist in style, but all is clearly visible that is important.
Like the Nike-logo.

Is it just me with failing memory, or was it really Umbro mentioned earlier as Partizan’s official technical sponsor from next season?

But neither this minimalist Nike-jersey, nor the fact we stood up against Radnički with a reserved team can be an excuse for our terrible performance.

Our goalkeeper this time was young Marko Jovičić

Last group hug before kick-off
(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The first chance came in the 3rd minute after a corner kick. Lukić kicked it, the defenders wanted to clear it downfield, but the ball dropped to Bojinov. He shot, right onto the side net. He had another try in the 9th minute from the distance, about 25-30 metres, but it was so high that the ball almost flew out of the stadium.

We did not have a heavy start, to say the least.

In the 11th minute Radnički got a free kick about 40 metres from the box on the right side. Our defenders cleared the area, but the ball dropped back to the home team. Jovanović grabbed it, he shot, it was just a bit too high. In the 15th minute it was again their turn with a corner kick. This time Bulatović headed it towards the box, his attempt was also too high.
Then nothing happened for long... Our attempts - if we had any at all... - were blocked by Radnički-defenders. Both teams fumbled a lot, with almost no attempt or shoot on target.
Okay, there was one in the 20th minute. Marjanović sent a very weak shot to our box from the left, Jovičić easily caught it.
Other than this the one and only thing to mention was that it started to rain heavily around the 30th minute with strong wind. The noise of raindrops could be heard even through the stream.
Radnički attacked more. There was a period when we got stuck in our half. We could break out around the 33rd minute with a corner-kick, but we couldn’t squeeze an useful attempt out of it.
Then in the 40th minute Marjanović got a long pass on the left. He let the ball drop one in front of him on the wet grass, then he kicked it into the net. 1:0
There was one attempt left in the last minute of the first half. Đuričković had an Oxford trick then crossed the ball into the middle from left. Marjanović headed it towards the box, but it was too wide.

Grumpy, soaky wet Partizan-fans. Has anyone noticed that there were no Partizan-banners or flags on the stands? Radnički-fans had huge flags, banners, even pyrotechnics, but the guests’ tribune was bare

This was probably the only Partizan-relics on the tribunes
(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

The second half was not better at all than the first. At the beginning the home team had a corner kick, Bandalovski cleared, but it was dangerous. Radnički used the tactics of full pitch press. They spent much more time on our half than we on theirs. Well, let’s make it clear, we had no useful attacks at all. Well, we didn’t have any attack at all. We could get to their penalty area in the 58th minute first, but Bandalovski was tackled. A minute later Radnički got a corner kick, but they kicked the ball on the side net.

Our passes were painfully imprecise. Boys, for God’s sake, please, practice these short, precise kicks, because this was a tragedy!...

In the 64th minute we had a cross to the goalmouth, but the goalkeeper easily caught it.
In the 68th minute we got a free kick about 40 metres from the goal line. Lukić kicked, the defenders headed it downfield. Bogosavac sent it back to the goalmouth, there Gogoua attempted, but the goalkeeper was faster.
In the 71st minute Golubović arrived on the right with the ball. He crossed it to the middle, but Vlahović had a very imprecise attempt, the chance was missed out.
In the 74th minute Radnički got a free kick. Mrkić barely missed the cross. (And thanks to his missed attempt the result was still 1:0.)

Gogoua almost made me cry several times. In one moment he was like a bastillon in the defense line. Then in the next he had such imprecise passes that were a physical pain to watch.

Radnički possessed the ball more and practically kept the game under control. They were combative and got into man-to-man clashes for the ball.

Though it wasn’t really necessary, as our performance was as indisposed as possible.

In the 83rd minute Radnički put our goalmouth under heavy pressure. Finally Apostolović shot, Jovičić saved.
Radnički got a free kick in the 85th  minute, almost at the half line. Marjanović wasted no time, he sent this almost 50-metre-long cannon shot to our box, but thankfully he kicked it into Jovičić’s lap instead.
Our first actual attempt in the second half was in the 87th (!!!) minute. Stevanović got a great pass and immediately crossed it to the middle. Vlahović missed it with just one step, the ball rolled through the goalmouth and eventually out of the field through the baseline.
In the 88th minute a throw-in by Radnički arrived from the left. A home player forwarded it to Đuričković. He headed it to the box, it was too high. Not much later Bulatović had an attempt, that was also too high. Then Radnički again made heavy pressure to our box. Jovanović dribbled, then Mrkić got the ball. He shot, the ball hit the goalpost, and in the meantime it was flag up for offside, the referee whistled it off.
We had one attempt at the very end. Stevanović’s shot was cleared downfield, then the ball dropped to Everton. The Brazilian performed the world’s most painful and probably most imprecise shot ever. (It was way too high, too.)

When a photo says more than 1000 words. Nebojša Kosović after the final whistle
(photo: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)



Venue: Čair stadium, Niš
Number of spectators: 4000
Referee: Milorad Mažić (assistants: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević - 4th assistant: Nemanja Petrović - goal line assistants: Danilo Grujić, Nenad Đokić)

Radnički Niš: S. Jovanović - Petrović, R. Bulatović, Lakić-Pešić, D. Bulatović - Tomić, A. Jovanović - Đuričković, Apostolović (Todorović, 85.), Marjanović - Mrkić (Mitrović, 90.)
Head coach: Milan Rastavac

FK Partizan: Jovičić - Bandalovski - Gogoua, Milenković, Bogosavac - Lukić, Everton, Kosović - Golubovć, Bojinov (Vlahović, 64.), A. Stevanović
Head coach: Ivan Tomić

Goal scorer: Marjanović (40.)
Yellow card: Bojinov (50.), Lakić-Pešić (51.), Gogoua (86.)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. CZ 48 points
2. Partizan 37 points
3. Vojvodina 36 points
4. Čukarički 36 points
5. Radnički Niš 35 points
6. Borac 29 points
7. Surdulica 25 points
8. FK Voždovac 24 points

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