Monday, May 23, 2016

Crvena Zvezda - VK Partizan 6:12 (play-off, final, 1st match)

First: WE WON!
Second: to hell with those who switched off the only working stream in the middle of the game. From then on only an error message was there "channel is under maintenance, check back later, kthxbai". I missed out the best parts of the match.

Without Fellow Fan, who told me the end result and all the details I would have turned into a raging serial killer, and you’d find maybe a middle finger here, but not a Partizan-blog. Many thanks to him.
You stand up and salute to him.

I could still make some screenshots.

Introducing players

National anthem

Fair-play handshakes

Vladimir Vujasinović before the game

Last discussion before the start


The first quarter brought a lot of missed-out chances on both sides. Once red defenders were strangling Subotić so long, that we ran out of time. Yet we attacked more, our defense line was like concrete.
Only 7 seconds were left, when Lazić scored our first goal (0:1).
A few screenshots from the first part:

Probably this was the moment Subotić was strangled

Someone from us tries to score

Rističević and one of his fantastic saves (he had quite a few during the match)


Here is a video about the first quarter:

Nakon prve četvrtine rezultat je 1-0 za Partizan, uz nekoliko sjajnih odbrana našeg golmana Димитрије Ристичевићa!
Posted by Vaterpolo klub Partizan Raiffeisen on Sunday, May 22, 2016

Draško Gogov’s unbelievable march started in the second quarter. But before that we made Zvezda sure that they can’t score from double power play (when two Partizan-players are suspended at the same time).
Better said, in double power play, from the closest distance (aka just a few centimetres).
Dimitrije Rističević saved this closer-than-the-closest attempt with a cold, almost phlegmatic movement.
What is more, we started a counter-attack and GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!! 0:2
Zvezda could pressure out one single goal from power play (1:2).
Then Gogov came, saw and scored. 1:3, that was the end result of the first half.

Ball in the net

Na poluvremenu vodimo 3-1 sjajnim golovima Draška Gogova! #NapredPartizan
Posted by Vaterpolo klub Partizan Raiffeisen on Sunday, May 22, 2016

To hell with Facebook for making this embed-a-video function so difficult, when you prefer not to use the standard 560x560 pixels. Why can it not work simply like on Youtube?

The stream died here.
Gogov (and Partizan) nevertheless engaged the first gear and ran through Zvezda. We were leading to 3:6, which for the end of the quarter became 5:8.

Goleada u trećoj četvrtini! Partizan sjajnom igrom u napadu održava vođstvo uz dva nova pogotka Gogova! 8-5 #NapredPartizan
Posted by Vaterpolo klub Partizan Raiffeisen on Sunday, May 22, 2016

In the fourth quarter red team scored one only goal, then there was nothing much left for them - maybe except for a red card their head coach received. Meanwhile Jakšić scored our 9th goal, then Tanasković also scored, the unstoppable steam roller Gogov threw two more.

Partizan je u 4/4 potpuno dotukao rivala! Gogov je kompletirao savršenu partiju sa još 2 gola, ukupno 7! Na kraju 12-6, za vođstvo od 1-0 u seriji. #NapredPartizan
Posted by Vaterpolo klub Partizan Raiffeisen on Sunday, May 22, 2016

The hero of the day is beyond question Draško Gogov, who scored 7 (!!!) goals and humiliated Zvezda to hell. He is followed by Dimitrije Rističević, who had 8 saves, making our defense line harder than rock. Jakšić and Tanasković both scored 2-2 goals, Lazić threw one.
Next game will be on Wednesday, from 19:00 in the Banjica swimming pool.

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