Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RK Vojvodina - RK Partizan 25:23 (play-off, round 7)

The lowest point about this match is not when you got noticed BELATED that there was a TV broadcast.
No, dear fellow fans, the lowest point is when you have to sneak around on the homepage of the opponent to steal photos about the game, because there’s absolutely no available material about it anywhere, neither on sports sites, nor on Facebook. I'm totally fed up with this amateurism.
And we were defeated, too. Though we were leading, for God’s sake in the entire first half... 5:9, 8:11, we went to half-time with 10:13. Vojvodina couldn’t even equalize, not even once.
At the beginning of the second half it looked even better. 11:15, 13:17, 15:19... until the 50th minute. There Vojvodina equalized, from 15:19 they jumped to 19:19 within 7 minutes. God knows what happened... They even took the lead (20:19). Živković equalized (20:20), but in the last 10 minutes the home team was leading for the whole time.

That’s what is called injustice :(

The hero of the day is Nemanja Živković with 7 goals. He is followed by Mihajlo Radojković and Lazar Kukić (4-4). Both Živan Pešić and Aleksa Maksić scored 3-3 goals, while Stevan Sretenović added 2 to the final result.
And now the photos.

Vojvodina’s player shoots on target, Popović just raises up his hands

Sretenović is rising up to the skies to tear the net to pieces

Cannon shoot by Radojković in 3, 2, 1...

We’d attack, if Vučković didn’t want to steal Popović’s shirt (probably to keep it as a souvenir)

Sretenović is about to block Marjanović, but it’s already too late

Radojković won over gravitation
(photos: rkv.rs)

Current standing of the play-off:
1. Vojvodina 11 points
2. Metaloplastika 11 points
3. Partizan 8 points
4. Spartak Vojput 7 points
5. Sloga 3 points
6. CZ 2 points

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