Monday, May 16, 2016

Ragbi Klub Partizan - RK Rad Mozzart 25:15

There was a rugby match in the weekend, I got to know it only now. Oh well, better later than never.
The official report of called this game a "derby" - well, derby or not, we took the lead already in the 4th minute. Nikola Glišić made a try, Đorđe Preradojević had an excellent conversion (5:0). The team kept on attacking bravely and aggressively for the whole time, as a result we were leading to 12:0 in the 8th minute with Igor Danojević’s try.
In the 14th minute it was already 17:0, Velibor Srećković signed himself among the scorers. Rad tried to pick themselves together, without much success. Before the end of the first half we jumped to 20:0, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Aleksandar Radić made an excellent try.
For the second half the guests walked out to the pitch with much more bravery and aggressivity. As a result they reduced the difference in the 45th minute to 20:5. Still Partizan’s defense line worked perfectly, we even had great counter-attacks - so great that in the 63rd minute our advantage grew back to 20 points with Aleksandar Krstić’s drop goal (25:5).
Rad didn’t give up. Not much later they earned points again, then just before the end they made a try again (25:15).
There are some photos about the game:


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