Thursday, November 27, 2014

Banvitspor - KK Partizan 90:85 (Eurocup)

First of all, before starting this, raise your ass, stand in attention and salute to the hero of the match, Milenko Tepić.


The match started with a 1-minute silence for the memory of Marko Ivković. Banvitspor remembered him with a banner.

In the first quarter both teams kept the pace. Tepić threw our first basket (2:2), then he leveled up to 3-pointers.
Like this:

Then again (12:13). Gagić and Murić also wanted to take part in the fun, they brought the team up to 16:17. Bogdanović also said hi (17:19). Turks quickly equalized and took back the lead, but Murić disagreed (21:21, then 21:23). In the last seconds of the quarter Turkish team led with 1 point, but Tepić successfully switched the counter to our side from free throw (24:25).
In the second quarter Turks kept the game more and more under their control, but thanks to Tepić we could gain back our advantage (31:32). Tepić had a fantastic performance tonight. He carried the team either under his arms or on his back, built up attacks, scored 3-pointers, he was the heart and soul of the team, throwing 21 points himself. Here he made a 7-point series (with two 3-pointers, 42:36). Yet Banvitspor started to raise the difference. 46:38 (Gagić scored from our side), 48:40 (Bogdanović had a 2-pointer free throw), the half time was 49:42.
In the third part of the game we made it from 51:42 to 53:48, with the great job of the Bogdanović-Milutinović pair.

What is more, at 55:48 Andrić scored two 3-pointers in a row (55:54). But then the home team made a 8:2 series (66:58, Milutinov scored from free throw in the meantime), and the difference got to be two-digit (69:58). Again Tepić came, now "only" with a 2-pointer, but the 11-point difference was reduced to one digit (69:60). At 69:62 Murić made a huge blocking, I hope there will be a video about it, it is worth to watch more than once. The end of the quarter was 69:65, Bogdanović adjusted the result in the last seconds.
Then came the last quarter, Murić and Tepić reduced the difference to 73:70, the latter one made it after a marvellous steal. Gagić added his part (73:72), Average Fan had cold sweat and put the defibrillator at hand.
Murić came, 75:74.
Bogdanović, too, 77:77.
Milutinov, 79:79.
Milutinov even threw us on the lead (79:81). But then he was fouled out and Banvit equalized (81:81). It was 83:81, Gagić equalized and after a short break came the extra time.
At 84:83 home team’s player Veremenko was fouled out. Tepić put us on the lead (84:85), after this Murić was also fouled out. The referees probably had this nursery rhyme in their head "this little piggy went to market..." Turks raised the difference. We couldn’t made it. That’s it. The end result was 90:85.

Banvitspor: Veyseloglu, Rowland (19), Gecim (1), Candan, Edge (4), Davis (14), Mejia (17), Veremenko (10), Simmons (5), Dragičević (20), Mutaf, Özer
KK Partizan: Tepić (21), Kouzeloglu, Murić (16), Marinković, Dallo, Milutinov (6), Gagić (10), Andrić (7), Milutinović (7), Glišić, Bezbradica, Bogdanović (18)

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