Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coming up: rugby, football and basketball tomorrow

Fun starts at tomorrow noon with an eternal derby. Partizan's rugby players meet the red team and mash them into the cozy moors of ul. Humska's rugby field. Twelve o'clock. Online live stream here.
Apropos, if anyone knows any page or sports site with rugby league results (Serbian league, of course), please, kindly let me know in the comment box. I'll be very thankful.

The evening brings a wonderful and fantastic situation. The football and the basketball team will start at the very same time. So, dear fellow fans, you should either quickly learn to proliferate or you spend the evening clicking between two TV channels (or open browser tabs). Or you give yourselves a headshot.

At one side there is the football team. Jelen SuperLiga, Round 11, ul. Humska. Derby. The opponent is team Vojvodina.
- Our team is young, the opponent's is experienced - said Marko Nikolić. - They have Pekarić, Veselinović and Alivodić among themselves, as well as other, very talented players. They are a serious opponent that deserves respect.
The head coach told about a discussion he had with the players earlier this week.
- We talked for an hour and a half about the weak form of past matches. We'll see if it has any impact on the result. If we could win against Vojvodina, it would stabilize our position.
Another topic was Petar Škuletić. He has been overly analyzed by the media, for not scoring goals in the past 2 matches, unlike earlier games. Some are already trying to put him down, others think the striker "has concentration problems". Marko Nikolić categorically dismissed the charges.
- If it was really like so what journalists say, Škuletić wouldn’t have had even a minute of chance. Now he may not be in form, but it happens with every striker. Yet many games were decided by his goals, therefore he absolutely deserves trust, especially mine.

At the other side there is the basketball team. Adriatic League, Round 6. Away match against Aleksandrovac-located (Bosnian Serb Republic) team, Igokea.
- We have a tough match behind us, with a very strong opponent - mentioned Duško Vujošević the previous game in Eurocup against Hapoel. - We’re now facing another tough one, with another very strong opponent, just this time in Banja Luka. We played a great match against Hapoel. Unfortunately we couldn’t win, yet it would have been benefical, at least for our self-esteem. Now we can show we can be even better.
Duško Vujošević published an official statement about the Mihajlo Andrić-affair. You can find it here.

The football team’s match will be broadcasted live by ArenaSport 1, the basketball team’s by Sport Klub 1. Both matches start at 19:00.

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