Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coming up: TODAY!!! Volgograd - KK Partizan (Eurocup) and VK Partizan - Jadran ST (Triglav League) + tomorrow: Besiktas - FK Partizan (Europa League)

Today at 17:00 starts the basketball team against Russian team Volgograd.
- It will be a very tough match, we must do our best - said Milutinov.
Duško Vujošević explained in the meantime that the schedules of Adriatic League and Eurocup do not match each other and sometimes it means serious difficulties to balance the two.

I can totally relate to that.

Beside this the team's self-esteem and combative spirit reached a low level, due to all the losses in the past weeks. Plus Mačvan is still not healthy.
- We are in a very difficult situation, but I hope the saying "darkest before dawn" will be proven true - said the trainer.

At 20:00 the water polo team welcomes Jadran ST at the Banjica swimming pool. After the 5th round the team is 6th on the league table, while the opponent is the 7th.

The basketball team’s match will be broadcasted live today by ArenaSport 1. Around the water polo team there is big silence, if I get to know anything about a possible broadcast, I’ll update the post.

The football team departed to Istanbul today to take revenge on Besiktas for the defeat of last time. They clash tomorrow at 19:00.
- It is a great chance to match our strength against a serious opponent - said Marko Nikolić - In Belgrade we could see the dominance of Besiktas. Now we meet again and I hope we could gain some good experiences. This time we are the "underdog", yet I hope we will play a better game than last time.

The football match will be broadcasted live by RTS 2.

Until then, here is a video about the boys arriving at Nikola Tesla airport.

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