Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KK Partizan - Cibona 73:64 (Adriatic League)

We started with 5:5, then the Milutinov-Tepić brigade brought the team up to 14:8.

Excellent... Tepić is getting back to shape

Bald head brings luck

Cibona kept on trying, but Partizan raised the difference with turnovers (19:10). Murić made it to two-digit with a 3-pointer (22:12). The end of the first quarter was 24:16 to us.

Andreja Milutinović in action

In the second period Marinković shouted "that’s how we roll", joined by Mačvan and Murić.
And how do we roll?
Like this:

Nobody could stop us. We had a massive defense and overwhelming attack as well as Bogdanović’s 3-pointer (39:25).

Cibona tried to find their breath - with more or less success - but Partizan was irresistible. The half time was 45:30.
In the third quarter Partizan continued to wash up Pionir Hall with the Zagreb team (53:36). At the end of the period the Croatians sped up a bit (55:42), but Mačvan and Gagić interrupted. The end of the quarter brought the result of 61:50.

Air Dallo

Cibona still tried to pick themselves together (61:52), in the meantime Mačvan got a technical foul by a questionable referee judgement. Milutinov didn’t make a big deal of it, but rather threw a number of baskets (67:53).

There was even some wrestling

Mačvan also showed up with a 3-pointer (71:60), finally we won to 73:64.

And a bad news to the end: Partizan terminated contract on mutual agreement with Đoko Šalić. There are no details yet - as soon as there is any, the post will be updated.

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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