Saturday, November 22, 2014

On the death of a Crvena Zvezda-fan

As a Partizan-fan I'm barely ever bothered by the red team's business, unless we play with them. I even try to stay out of fans' mud throwing, I leave this rage to others.
Now there is something I can't, I don't want to just walk by. I mustn't just walk by it. Neither as a sports fan, nor as a human.
Today in Istanbul Zvezda clashed with Galatasaray in Euroleague. It all started when Turkish policemen did not want to allow Zvezda-fans to enter the sports hall and dispersed the few hundred Serbian fans with tear gas.
Then, when they could finally get to Abdi Ipekci Arena, Zvezda-fans got a rude welcome. Thousands of Turkish fans were waiting for them with flags of Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, chanting "Kosovo, Kosovo".
Guess how it all ended.
In a huge fight.
So big that a Zvezda-fan was stabbed to death. A 25-year young man who decided to take a thousands of kilometres long trip just to see his favourite team, to support them, to share joy or maybe even sorrow with them.
Instead we all share in mourning now.

(photo: Facebook)

He was a kid, full of dreams, plans and enthusiasm. He had family and friends.
It must never happen. It has nothing to do on sports tribunes.
It has nothing to do at anywhere.

Rest in peace, M. I. May the Eternal Light shine for you.
Počivaj u miru, brate.

Update: Galatasaray-fans openly threatened the fans of Partizan, Olympiakos and CSKA Moscow as well.

Let me ask a question from the organizers of Euroleague: What will be the consequences of all this? (I very much hope there will be consequences, so much that prevents Galatasaray from all European cup competitions for the entire century.)

Update 2:
Partizan-fans remembered the Crvena Zvezda-fan died tragically in Istanbul at the football match on 23rd November with a banner as well as ritually burning a Galatasaray-flag.

Translation of the banner (approximately): "Sadness touched Serbia/Last greeting from the South"
(photo: Facebook/Partizan is life)

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