Thursday, November 27, 2014


Today is the 55th birthday of Zvonko Varga, Partizan's legendary striker, current assistant manager.


Stand up and salute. Then you watch the highlights of the historical 75th eternal derby, when Partizan beat the red team to 2:1 with the goals of Dragan Mance and Zvonko Varga. Interesting fact is that Zvezda's only goal was scored by that Milko Đurovski, who later transferred to Partizan (and became very popular among fans).

Commercial break: visit underPFC's Youtube-channel. You'll find lots and lots of treasures like this one above as well as other match highlights and archive material.

And today celebrates Edo Murić, too, the basketball team's and fans' precious, who can light 23 candles on his birthday cake.

(photo: Facebook/ABA Liga)


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