Sunday, November 9, 2014

KK Partizan - MZT Skopje 65:50 (Adriatic League)

It was high time for this win. It was also as extraordinary as possible.
In the beginning it was still tough though. The guests led to 3:6, when Milutinov got the ball for Partizan with a sensational block, then at the other side he score with a dunk. Better to be safe than sorry.

Mačvan - he returned from his injury - adjusted on the standing (7:10), then at 8:13 we could witness this weird situation, when Gagić was roughly elbowed on the ground by a Skopje player, but still the guest team got a free throw. The first half ended with 11:15, when just a few seconds before the end Marinković scored a wonderful 3-pointer.
(And that was just the beginning.)
In the second quarter Milutinov equalized (15:15), so did Gagić (17:17), then at 17:19 Marinković threw another amazing 3-pointer (20:19). The guests sped up and made it for 20:26, but at this point Marinković kickstarted the steam roller and he himself made such a series that made all jaws drop on the floor and the team having again equals with Skopje (29:29). This was the result of the half-time.

The next half was even more sweeping.
31:29. Then 34:29, Bogdanović also scored a 3-pointer, to make it even more beautiful. Skopje equalized (34:34), then Marinković threw another 3-pointer (37:34). Tepić topped it (39:34), Milutinović also had his word (41:37). Then 43:37 (Bogdanović), 45:40 (Milutinov), 48:40 (Bogdanović and a GIANT 3-pointer). At the end of the quarter Andrić settled the double-digit result (50:40).
The final quarter was a festival. The difference was more than 10 points, thanks to Milutinov (52:41). From this point Partizan barely let Skopje take a breath. Dallo threw a basket (54:43), Milutinov raised the difference (56:43), aaaaaaaaand Marinković, the hero of the day, 58:43, then 60:43, he was scoring like there was no tomorrow. Here Skopje picked themselves together a bit and made it to 60:50, but Dallo threw a 3-pointer, and even settled the final result from a free throw (65:50).

Hero of the match: Marinković scored 20 points

KK Partizan: Tepić (4), Kouzeloglou, Murić, Marinković (20), Dallo (7), Milutinov (9), Mačvan (4), Gagić (6), Andrić (5), Milutinović (2), Bogdanović (8), Šalić
MZT Skopje: Stojanovski (10), Dixon (5), Stajić, Klassen (5), Lučić (7), Simonovski (7), Živčević, Mladenovski, Marinković (7), Šehović (4), Nikolovski (5), Cvetković

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

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