Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spartak Zlatibor Voda - FK Partizan 0:3 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 12)

This was the 700th match of Saša Ilić wearing Partizan’s jersey. Fans greeted him with a banner made for this very special occasion.

Spartak took it serioiusly. They turned into defensive even at the half line, not being scared of the famous opponent even for a moment. They played aggressively (but not rude) and when a Partizan-player could make his way to the penalty area, he got 2-3 defenders on himself at once.
In the 10th minute a Partizan-defender wanted to pass the ball back to Lukač, but a Spartak-player lurking just there grabbed the ball. The shot flew away parallel to Partizan's goal line. Goal-kick.
In the 19th minute Škuletić had a great rush and passed the ball to Lazović in the middle. Spartak’s defender could barely save it to corner. Three minutes later again Škuletić sent a 20-meter-long bomb shot to Spartak’s goal line, but missed.
In the 28th minute Mrkela found himself standing all alone in front of Lukač’s home. Being there, he kicked the ball towards the net. But it did not cause any headache to Lukač. A minute later Ninković was dribbling himself through Spartak’s defense line (it was a great task to achieve...) and sent a marvellous shot from the penalty area line. Barely missed.

Then in the 33rd minute Škuletić got a great pass from Saša Ilić. He ran up to the penalty area racing with the defender, who tripped and fell right at the penalty area line, almost pulling off Partizan’s striker with himself. But Škuletić didn’t let himself being dragged back. He shook off the defender and made an amazing shot right into Spartak’s net. 0:1

Did I see well in the 37th minute, that someone, maybe Radović started to play handball inside his own penalty area? And if he did so, where has the totally legal penalty kick gone? Gone with the wind?

In the 38th minute Partizan built up a marvellous attack. They passed the ball quickly to each other inside the opponent’s penalty area, finally defenders grabbed the ball and cleaned.
42nd minute brought Spartak trying to take revenge for the goal. Milošević cut himself through the defense line and sent a dangerous pass from left, but Lukač was at his place, as always. Then in the 45th minute Ninković wanted to kick a distant ball to Spartak’s home, but on one hand the goalkeeper caught it, on the other the assistant was waving offside.
Spartak had a powerful start in the second half, that’s another thing that when Petrović got a huge pass in the 57th minute in front of their goal line, the assistant waved offside. Then in the 62nd minute Ninković sent a shot to the opponent’s net, again just barely missed. Five minutes later Živković came up on the right side and passed the ball to Škuletić. The striker gave it to Drinčić, from him it got to Lazović. Lazović shot, Janošević saved with a dauntless movement.
In the 69th minute Škuletić got a pass from Petrović. The striker shot, the goalkeeper saved with the tip of his fingers to corner.
Then the steam roller was kicked into action.
In the 80th minute Branko Ilić gave the ball to Živković. The midfielder sent it to the middle, where the ball got stuck among the defenders. But the Subotica players were fumbling way too much, finally Škuletić grabbed the ball and

And a minute later


What a huge goal it was. Partizan stole the ball practically after the kickoff. Lazović ran up, passed to Škuletić, he thanked it and tore Spartak’s net into tiny pieces with his shot.
In the very last minute Spartak had a weak try, but Lukač made it clear he is the right person for the position.
Then it was high time to celebrate.

Happy Branko Ilić

"Hat-trick, breeeeee! Hat-trick!"


Location: City Stadium, Subotica
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Jovan Obradović (assistants: Vladimir Jovanović, Vladimir Čadenović - 4th assistant: Olajos-Nagy Matija - goal line assistants: Vlado Glođović, Ilija Brdar)

Spartak Zlatibor Voda: Janošević - Farkas (Stefan Ilić, 74.), Kovačević, Antonić, Milošević - Radović, Maksimović - Mrkela (Lukić, 60.), Torbica, Plavšić - Milić (Balabanović, 87.)
Head coach: Petar Kurćubić

FK Partizan: Lukač - B. Ilić, Ćirković, Stanković, Petrović - Marković, Drinčić - Saša Ilić, Lazović (Luka, 82.), Ninković (Živković, 62.) - Škuletić (Fofana, 87.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorer: Škuletić (33., 80., 81.)
Yellow card: B. Ilić (27.), Milošević (37.), Radović (57.), Marković (65.), Torbica (73.), Antonić (79), Lazović (79.)
Red card: Milošević (76., second yellow card)


Current championship standings:
1. Partizan 31 pont
2. Crvena Zvezda 27 pont
3. Vojvodina 25 pont
4. Čukarički 22 pont
5. Novi Pazar 20 pont
6. OFK Beograd 18 pont
7. Mladost 17 pont
8. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 16 pont
9. Rad 14 pont
10. Jagodina 14 pont
11. Donji Srem 14 pont
12. Borac 11 pont
13. FK Voždovac 11 pont
14. Napredak 10 pont
15. Radnički Niš 10 pont
16. Radnički 1923 6 pont

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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