Thursday, November 20, 2014

FK Partizan - FK Sloga PM 3:0 (Serbian Cup, 1/8 final)

The guest team started a bit vehemently, they even tried with a shot in the 3rd minute. Then in the 7th minute Škuletić ran up in slalom across Sloga’s half and passed to Grbić. He sent a not too powerful kick, right into the goalkeeper’s hands.

At the very beginning of the match Živković clashed with a Sloga-player. The midfielder had pain in his right arm, he needed medical assistance

In the 9th minute Stevanović decided to go for a brave shoot, he was face to face with the goalkeeper only. Ranković saved with an amazing movement. In the 13th minute a Sloga player tried Kljajić’s reflexes. He sent a 25-metre shot, right into the Partizan goalkeeper’s lap.

Kljajić in action

In the 18th minute Ninković got the ball in the middle and passed right to Živković. The midfielder gave it to Škuletić, the striker ran up, leapt over the goalkeeper and shot to the goal. The ball flew between the legs of the defender arriving in a hurry - and hit the goalpost. It dropped back to the field where defenders cleared the area. Not much later Grbić found himself in front of Sloga’s goal line, but he shot the ball up into the air.

Match action: Nikola Drinčić

Then in the 24th minute Marković stole the ball from Sloga-players and passed it to Ninković. The midfielder rushed up on the right side and passed it to the middle at the penalty area. Škuletić arrived and stepped over the ball with a brilliant movement, because Marković was right behind him, grabbed the ball, shot and tore the net to pieces. 1:0

It was raining heavily, but Partizan was in control of the game. In the 30th minute Škuletić had a bold action, but the goalkeeper caught his shot. Almost immediately Ninković kicked the ball to Sloga’s goal line, but defenders deactivated it.

Match action: Petrović in the rain

In the 40th minute Partizan had another chance. Grbić ran up on the right side, but his pass was cleared in the middle by defenders. The ball dropped to Ninković, then to Škuletić, who shot. Barely missed. A minute later Grbić made a huge kick, it ended in a corner.
The last minute brought two enormous Partizan-chances. First Škuletić grabbed the ball with a marvellous movement while Sloga defenders were fumbling, but he shot right into the goalkeeper’s lap. The ball dropped to Živković, who kicked it to the goal line. The ball hit the goalkeeper, the shot was finally cleared by defenders.

"Beam me up, Scotty"

In the second half Sloga got a free kick in the 52nd minute. They were about 25-30 metres from Partizan’s goal line. Stojanović ran up and kicked, Kljajić caught it. In the 58th minute again the guest team had a chance. Antanasijević sent a distant but dangerous shot to Partizan’s goal. Barely missed. Two minutes later it was again about Sloga. Reljić dribbled himself up to Partizan’s penalty area, shaking off every defender. Finally Stanković appeared and blocked him.
A minute later the defender mentioned above tried the nerves of Sloga’s goalkeeper with a distant shot, but the kick died in Ranković’s lap.
In the 65th minute Partizan got a free kick. Ninković stood behind the ball, his shot hit the wall and ended in a corner. Branko Ilić jumped up for the arriving corner shot, but headed the ball too high.
Then in the 69th minute Luka got a pass and ran up in the right side. He passed the ball into the middle, where Ninković was waiting. He kicked from an impossible angle - and scored! (Sloga’s defender helped a bit, but Ninković’s shot would have ended in the net even if he hadn’t dropped himself in the way.) 2:0

In the 73rd minute Ninković fell on the ground, Partizan got a free kick. Živković made it, Ćirković got it and scored. Right into the net. But the referee was convinced Ćirković was on offside, therefore the goal was invalid.

We didn’t have to wait too long for a real goal. In the next minute Luka gave a wonderful pass to Ninković. Ninković ran up and passed to the middle. Škuletić arrived in the style of a WWII bomber and kicked the ball with left leg (!) into the net. 3:0
At the very end Kojić had a try (he joined as a substitute). In the 90+3rd minute he wanted to shoot from a counter-attack, but Ranković saved.

Match highlights:


Venue: Partizan Stadion
Number of spectators: 1000
Referee: Dejan Santrač (assistants: Srđan Kaurin, Olajos-Nagy Matija - 4th assistant: Dejan Dimitrijević)

FK Partizan: Kljajić - Stevanović (B. Ilić, 46.), Ćirković, Stanković, Petrović - Drinčić, Marković - Ninković, Grbić (Luka, 59.), A. Živković (Kojić, 77.) - Škuletić
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

FK Sloga PM: Ranković - Stević, Mišić, Veselinović, Planić, Đoković - Stojanović, Antanasijević, Lepojević (Vejnović, 70.) - Appiah (Đorđević, 82.)
Head coach: Dragan Đorđević

Goal scorers: Marković (24.), Ninković (69.), Škuletić (74.)
Yellow card: Planić (7.), Mišić (36.), Grbić (36.), Lepojević (44.), Marković (51.), Škuletić (63.)

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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