Thursday, November 6, 2014

Volgograd - KK Partizan 61:59 (Eurocup)

Another match, when we didn’t deserve at all to lose. The team was fighting heroically until the end, didn’t give up, hung in there, but finally we were defeated.
Everything was going fine in the first quarter. We were on the lead to 2:6, then to 4:8. Murić crowned it all (4:10). But referees didn’t find their peace until the home team equalized. Volgograd earned an amazing amount of free throws, the counter switched to 12:10 from 4:10. Finally Milutinov scored 18 seconds before the end buzz, that resulted 15:12 after the first period.
At the very beginning of the second one the referees fouled Andrić, for sure out of pure love. Andrić thanked it with a score (15:14) obviously this one was full of pure love as well. The team was fighting hard, Murić threw a basket (20:16). Then Aranitović got a technical foul, then at 24:16 the new king of 3-pointers, Mihajlo Andrić made it (24:19). Milutinov had a fantastic score, just before the buzz. The home team made a six-point series, Murić made one from free throw. The half time result was 32:25.
The difference was only 6 points in the third quarter (36:30, after Murić’s bonus shot), then the mountain troll-sized, strict-looking Travis scored, standing under the backboard all alone. It was followed by a fantastic Milutinov-Tepić teamwork (38:32), then Gagić reduced the difference at 43:32. And the difference was reduced again. And again. 45:36 (Milutinov), 45:38 (Gagić), 45:41 (Tepić, phenomenal 3-pointer). We headed to the last quarter with 47:41.
Well, during the last quarter Average Fan’s nerves were torn to pieces. The home team made it to 52:41, their advantage was more than 10 points. Tepić disagreed (52:43). So did Milutinov (52:46). Just like Gagić (52:48). The disagreement was so strong that even Murić joined (52:50). Finally Bogdanović dusted himself off and made the Russians absolutely sure they are faced by a real movement. We equalized. 52:52. The problem was that Volgograd operated with 8 players on the ground. You know what I mean. 5 players + 3 referees. After a long period of wrestling they pressured a basket out of themselves (54:52). Andrić answered with an easy and cool 3-pointer (54:55). There came the referees and a row of free throws for Volgograd. The home team suddenly found themselves on the lead with 4 points (59:55). Andrić scored two points, guess how, from free throw (59:57), the last basket was scored by Tepić (61:59).

This anti-Tepić campaign that has been frothing in the Serbian media since the final whistle of the match is more than disgusting. Especially that the guard scored 10 points during the game. Raise your hand if you never ever screwed things up in the critical moment. Also, I wish everyone who wrote those bullying lines while sitting at the monitor, scratching their ass to live without a dinar for months, working only for the love of the company while all public works kick off the door and burst in for not paying the bills

Volgograd: Zamanszkij, Komisszarov (4), Zavorujev (8), Victor (7), Travis (10), Korsakov, Liggins, Ponkrasov (12), King (1), Culpepper (13), Liholitov, Cousin (6)
KK Partizan: Tepić (10), Aranitović (1), Kouzeloglu, Murić (12), Marinković, Milutinov (13), Gagić (10), Andrić (10), Milutinović, Glišić, Bogdanović (2), Šalić

As soon as there's any video or photo, I'll update.

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