Friday, November 7, 2014

Besiktas - FK Partizan 2:1 (UEFA Europa League)

In the first minute we wanted to throw in the usual "hey, goalkeeper, whazzup"-trick, but the assistant was waving offside. Then the game (I mean, wrestling) was going on mostly in the midfield, when in the 8th minute Besiktas had a try. Özyakup had a very weak shot, the ball flew out of the field. Two minutes later Demba Ba sent another weak, flat shot to Lukač.

But at least they tried, we couldn’t even make it to the opponent’s penalty area.

In the 12th minute Besiktas again came, saw and Lukač saved. And that’s how it was going on. Töre had two goal shots within 2 minutes, the first was rather dangerous. Lukač had a great save, pushing the ball to corner. The second was too high, the shot flew out, far above the goalpost.
We could get to Besiktas’s goal line in the 19th minute (until then goalkeeper Gönen could have a little nap...), even made our first corner kick of the match. Gönen woke up, caught the ball, the show had to go on.
Two minutes later our defense line made such a mistake that Average Fan's hair visibly started to turn into grey. Luckily we didn't get into big trouble, Lukač - when will he get a statue?... - arrived in excellent pace and caught the ball. Turks attacked again in the 22nd minute, Köybasi passed the ball into the middle. It seemed as if Demba Ba fell on the ground, but Kavlak grabbed the ball. It ended with a corner.

We were trying, too. Seriously. But it was impossible to get to their goal line, their defense line blocked everything.

The home team got a free kick in the 28th minute, about 22 metres from Partizan's goal line. The shot hit someone and the ball rolled into the net horribly slowly. Lukač desperately tried to catch it, but he couldn’t. For our luck the assistant was waving offside way before the ball crossed the goal line, the referee annulled the score.

Match action: Danilo Pantić with the ball

Besiktas made another dangerous pass into the middle in the 29th minute. Again for our luck, Töre was fumbling too much and the ball rolled out of the playing area. A minute later Sahan made a kick, but it was too high. The home team was attacking continuously, another pass arrived from the left in the 33rd minute, but the ball dropped to the other side of the penalty area. Töre tried again in the 37th minute with a distant, weak, imprecise shot.

Don't take me wrong, I don't mind, on the contrary, I'm very glad Töre made such imprecise shots to Partizan's goal. May God keep this nice habit of his.

Volkov needed medical attendance in the 41st minute, the audience shouted "ollé" every time the home team touched the ball. There was some dangerous upheaval in the very last minutes, Lukač caught a distant shot before it would have reached Ba, then the referee made an end to this terribly monotonous first half.
Nor did the second bring any spectacular football. In the 48th minute again an upheaval grew in fronto of Partizan's goal line, thankfully defenders cleared the area.
Two minutes later Grbić had a chance

that was Partizan’s first real chance

he got the ball from the left, but missed it. Another two minutes later Partizan again made some uncomfortable moments inside Besiktas's penalty area. A shot arrived from the right side, but the ball reached the sky instead of the net.
In the 56th minute Besiktas got a penalty kick. Stanković was wrestling with a Turkish player inside Partizan’s penalty area, when the opponent fell on the ground and the referee immediately whistled penalty. Demba Ba stood behind the ball. He ran up, suddenly made a movement as if he wanted to stop, then made a full swing and shot the ball into the right lower corner of the net next to Lukač falling left. 1:0
Two minutes later Karlak wanted to see his name on the goal scoarers’ list, but he kicked the ball right into Lukač’s lap.

Approx. 300 Partizan-fans cheered for the team in Istanbul

Partizan got a free kick in the 59th minute, about 20 metres from Besiktas’s goal line. The shot hit the defense line, the home team immediately turned it into a counter-attack. It was such a counter-attack that Besiktas was leading with 2 goals in the 61st minute... Töre was rushing up in Partizan's half all alone, almost all defenders were left behind, only one of them was standing desperate somewhere at the penalty point. Töre passed it to Demba Ba, who easily scored. 2:0
The next 15 minutes was bothered only with a Partizan free kick, but even that was blocked by Besiktas-defenders. Then in the 77th minute Ninković was dribbling at the left side of the Turkish penalty area. He passed the ball to Saša Ilić, who gave it to the other Saša, namely Marković, who didn’t want to waste any chance. He made a powerful shot from about 18 metres.
And scored.

Ninković dribbling

We got another free kick in the 88th minute. Drinčić shot it into the middle, Volkov rose up from the masses - and headed it too high.
The last minutes had some extra excitement left. We got another free kick in the 90+4th minute. The goalkeeper saved Drinčić’s bomb shot with a huge movement. The ball dropped to Lazović, he grabbed it, but made a too high shot.


Location: Atatürk Stadium, Istanbul
Number of spectators: 12 000
Referee: Alexandru Tudor (assistants: Aurel Onita, Octavian Sovre - 4th assistant: Radu Ghinguleac - goal line assistants: Ovidiu Hategan, Pavel Balaj) - ROM

Besiktas: Gönen - Köybasi, Franco, Sivok, Ramon - Kavlak, Hutchinson - Töre (Uysal, 90.), Özyakup (Sosa, 70.), Sahan (Pektemek, 58.) - Ba
Head coach: Slaven Bilić

FK Partizan: Lukač - Stevanović, Ćirković, Stanković, Volkov - Marković, Drinčić - Grbić (A. Živković, 67.), Pantić (S. Ilić, 65.), Ninković - Škuletić (Lazović, 67.)
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Goal scorers: Ba (57. - penalty, 62.), Marković (78.)
Yellow card: Kavlak (14.), Volkov (28.), Stanković (56.), Marković (78.), Stevanović (79.)

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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