Monday, November 24, 2014

FK Partizan - Napredak 3:1 (Jelen SuperLiga, Round 13)

Brašanac and Pantić were watching it from the tribune

Both teams started hard, then in the 7th minute Ninković tested Napredak’s goalkeeper. A minute later Volkov headed a corner right into Popović’s hands. Another minute later (and we are still within the first 10 minutes) Drinčić kicked a 20-metre bomber to Napredak’s goal line, Popović caught it.
In the 16th minute Škuletić got a pass from the right side. He kicked - and shot right into the goalkeeper.
In the 18th minute fans on the southern tribune remembered 18-year-old Partizan fan Nemanja "Rambo" Antić, who died tragically. 18 torches were burning for his memory.

In the 21st minute Škuletić put himself into action again. The ball was stolen at the half-line from fumbling Napredak-players and Ninković gave a pass to Škuletić. He dribbled himself through the guest defenders and kicked an enormous shot - hitting the goalpost.

Match action: Nikola Ninković

In the 26th minute Drinčić made a 25-metre shot to the guests goal line. The goalkeeper saved, the ball dropped back to the penalty area. Lazović was running fast to catch it, but he couldn’t. A minute later Napredak made some uncomfortable moments in front of Partizan’s goal line, finally our defenders cleared the area.
In the 29th minute it could have been 1:0. Saša Ilić shot the ball into Napredak’s net, but the referee invalidated the goal saying it was offside.

But then came the real goal.
38th minute. Ninković got the ball on the left side and passed it to the middle with a powerful kick. Lazović raised from the mass (with a defender on his neck) and headed the ball into the net. 1:0

The last minutes still had some action left. First Drinčić ran up on the right with the ball and passed it to Škuletić in the middle. He shot it with a frenetic movement. The goalkeeper saved, yet if it had been a score, it would have been the Goal of the Year. Then a 30-metre sheer Drinčić-free kick bomber came, but the goalkeeper inactivated it.

Match action: Saša Marković

In the second half Napredak tried to get a grip and get the control over the game. In the 51st minute Trujić had a try from the penalty area line, with no success. A few minutes later Stanojević headed the ball dangerously to Partizan’s goal line after a corner, but Lukač was at his place.
In the 60th minute Marković gave a long pass to Ninković. Everyone’s favourite Džigi headed the ball to the net passing by the goalkeeper running out - but the ball dropped out of the field just barely missing the goalpost.
In the meantime fans remembered 17-year-old Gojko Sekulić, who also tragically lost his life.

This was not the end.
Grave Diggers remembered that Crvena Zvezda fan who was stabbed to death by Turkish fans on 22nd November at the Galatasaray - Crvena Zvezda basketball match.

Meanwhile in the 68th minute Dimitrov had a subtle try, barely missed. Škuletić also had a try from a counter-attack, no success.
Two minutes later Andrija Živković (who joined the game as substitute) passed the ball from the left to the middle, almost from the base line. Lazović jumped up to head it to the goal line, but he was late with just one step. But nothing was lost, because there was Branko Ilić sneaking behind him. The Partizan-defender grabbed the ball and shot it to Napredak’s goal (while making a "tunnel trick" to Frimpong). 2:0

In the 82nd minute Bajić had a try from counter-attack, but his shot was way too wide. Three minutes later Trujić made a shot from a sharp angle, but the ball rolled over in front of the goal line.
Then in the 86th minute Škuletić realized that the match is almost over, but he still haven’t scored a goal. He ran up, stole the ball from a Napredak defender and made a marvellous, 40-metre solo run all alone. He left everyone behind him, dribbled the desperate Popović, who ran out, and walked in to the net with a wide grin, seriously, only the red carpet was missing. 3:0

In the 88th minute Lukač saved Cvetković’s shot. Then we were pretty much in the extra time, most probably everyone was focusing on the aftermatch hot shower, when Napredak made a sudden attack in the 90+3rd minute. Lukač saved Trujić’s shot, but the ball dropped right in front of Ndiaye. The Senegalese striker shot and scored into the empty net. 3:1



Venue: Partizan Stadion
Number of spectators: 3000
Referee: Vlado Glođović (assistants: Srđan Kaurin, Matija Olajos-Nagy - 4th assistant: Branko Pavlović - goal line assistants: Aleksandar Vasić, Róbert Kis-Csepegi)

FK Partizan: Lukač - B. Ilić (Kojić, 88.), Ćirković, Stanković, Volkov - S. Ilić, Marković, Drinčić, Ninković (A. Živković, 71.) - Lazović (Luka, 78.), Škuletić
Head coach: Marko Nikolić

Napredak: Popović - Cvetković, Frimpong, Jančić, Urošević - Stanojević (Dimitrov, 66.) - Lazić, Gobeljić, Trujić - Ndiaye, Božović (Bajić, 75.)
Head coach: Saša Štrbac

Goal scorers: Lazović (36.), B. Ilić (72.), Škuletić 85.), Ndiaye (90+3.)
Yellow card: Gobeljić (32.), Božović (38.), Urošević (55.), A. Živković (77.),  Dimitrov (78.)

Current championship standings:
1. Partizan 34 points
2. Crvena Zvezda 28 points
3. Vojvodina 26 points
4. Čukarički 22 points
5. OFK Beograd 21 points
6. Novi Pazar 20 points*
7. Mladost 17 points
8. Jagodina 17 points
9. Spartak Zlatibor Voda 17 points
10. Rad 15 points
11. Donji Srem 15 points
12. Borac 12 points
13. FK Voždovac 11 points*
14. Radnički Niš 11 points
15. Napredak 10 points
16. Radnički 1923 7 points

Teams marked with * played only 12 matches.

(photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

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