Monday, November 24, 2014

Szegedi Tisza Volán - HK Partizan 2:3

Partizan beat the only Hungarian team of the Serbian ice hockey league in a very exciting match (some say it was the Mach of the Year). Aleksa Luković scored in the 2nd minute. Partizan pressured the Szeged team heavily, not letting them breath. In the 14th minute Milovanović hit the second goal. (The hero of the home team was definitely goalkeeper Attila Szőke. Hungarian news site reports about Partizan putting Szeged's goal area under continuous pressure.) At the end of the period Ódry reduced the difference from a penalty shot. The result of the first 20 minutes was 1:2.
In the second period the two teams couldn't get above each other. No goal was scored, goalkeepers pulled down the shutter on both sides. Then in the 3rd period Szeged equalized with András Fodor's goal to 2:2. Partizan had numerous chances missed, mostly because Szőke was always at his place. Then in the 52nd minute of the game we got the lead with Brkušanin’s goal. There was even some wrestling (Raković vs. Lippai). The last minute brought a heart attack-type of chance for Szeged, when Partizan’s goalkeeper, Milan Luković literally threw himself on the puck, Ódry threw himself on him, but finally no more goals were scored.


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