Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friendly veterans' match: Videoton - Partizan 2:5

Why have I heard about it only now?...
Not as if I could have travelled to Székesfehérvár, but still.

At the end of last year Hungarian football club Videoton organized an indoor football cup series for veterans. For this latest competition they invited the veterans of Partizan and Železničar to remember the 1984/85 UEFA Cup series, when they won over both teams and ended up in the cup final (where they were beaten by Real Madrid to 3:1).

The mean kibitzer is speaking from me now: that was the last mentionable year for Videoton in any European cup series.

I raise my (non-existing) hat for Videoton, they were excellent hosts for Partizan. Everyone who played 30 years ago took part in it.

Not everyone. Dragan Mance is not among us anymore... so is Lajos Májer, who passed away in 1998 in a car accident.

They had dinner at local Vadászkürt restaurant, visited Videoton Museum, placed a wreath on the grave of Lajos Májer and finished the program at Pokol Pince restaurant.
Then they all ran out to the ground and played Videoton off to 2:5.
Videoton had their all former legends. Csuhay, the Disztl-brothers, Győző Burcsa, Vadász, Novath, Gábor Horváth, Csongrádi as well as József Szabó. In Partizan's team there were Nebojša Vučićević, Dragi Kaličanin, Dragan Tomić, Radivoje Branković, Željko Budiša, Radovan Marić and Čedomir Knežević playing. Goals were scored by Vučićević and Marić, 3 and 2 goals respectively. From Videoton's team Szabó and Csongrádi scored.

There are photos as well as a video.


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