Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The boys hit the road for the winter training camp in Turkey (photos + video)

Seeing Kojić smirking in the background anyone would make a suspicious face, not just Ninković

Pantić was travelling with the team despite there have been rumours about him and a possible transfer to Chelsea

Babović is excited, Lukač is rather sleepy

The "stuff" they need for trainings: balls, etc.

The "kids" - Lukić and Bogosavac

Technical staff with the forever young Zvonko Varga in the middle

For Škuletić it’s still too early o’clock

Photo of the day: "Contrasts in the existence of standing in a line" - Živković’s wide grin and Petrović’s priceless expression
(I’ve been laughing hard on this photo for quite a while)

(Photos: Facebook/Fudbalski klub Partizan)

Update: they arrived in Turkey, there’s a video about it, too

Update 2: photos, just for you. (Source: partizan.rs)

Still at the airport: Volkov is explaining something to the others

Lukić, Šaponjić and Brašanac

Nemanja Kojić

Determination in the eyes (Bogosavac, Stevanović and Živković)

Duty free shops seem to be very popular among players (Babović, Lazović and Šaponjić)

Goalkeeper of goalkeepers

Joyous spirit on the way to the first training

Let’s stop for a moment and shed a teardrop for these poor boys who have to train hard and sweat hard among palm trees at the beach
(yes, this was supposed to be a joke from me - my bad)

Even the power training can’t wash the huge grin off from Brašanac’s face

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