Saturday, January 31, 2015

Transfer news

The football team signed Bulgarian defender Ivan Bandalovski. The 29-year-old player, who appeared 12 times so far in the Bulgarian national team is to substitute the injured Vulićević.


Bandalovski came to Partizan as a free agent (some rumours say he has been searching for a team for half a year). He signed a 1,5-year contract with the team.


As for the others: Danko Lazović left Partizan. He got an offer from China which he accepted. From the Turkey training camp he immediately travelled to Asia.
Danilo Pantić is also sold out. The young midfielder was bought by Chelsea, that immediately put Pantić on loan to Dutch team Vitesse. (Rumours speak about 900 000 euros, that was neither confirmed, nor confuted.)


The presidental armchair has not even got warm under the new leadership, but mud-throwing has been started. Milorad Vuličević made his harsh point of view public in claiming he did not understand why Marko Nikolić was so upset (the trainer made no secret - also to mozzartsport - about his disappointment after the preparational matches didn’t bring the desired result, to say the least), because the team leadership did not sell any player (sic!!!), what is more, according to the wishes of the head coach they refused to accept the almost 3 million euro offer of Lille for Škuletić as well as Anderlecht and their similarly rich request for Ćirković.

As a top of it all, Vuličević speaks harshly about Pantić, too. I’ll be honest now: I seriously don’t get why he thinks a 18-year-old kid can make a mature, serious decision in a situation that would test even an experienced, older player who has been to many foreign teams.

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