Sunday, February 1, 2015

OK Partizan - Spartak Ljig 3:1 (SuperLiga Round 14)

Aaannndddd we are still undefeated.
The opponent came with the tranquility of the underdog, saw and won the first set to 23:25 (thanks to mostly Radosav Dojčilović, who returned after a month and a half of pause as well as to the rock hard blocks of Spartak).
In the second game we pulled ourselves together and made the best of our serves. We made it quickly to 6:2, the Milija Mrdak-Marko Nikolić axis brought their usual (great) form. We won the set to 25:18 and equalized.
In the third part the team switched to Steam Roller mode, the guests’ row of mistakes added an extra to it. The game lasted for 20 minutes only, that was enough for us to win to 25:15 and take the lead.
The opponent tried to prove themselves in the final game. They made a series of 0:4, but even that wasn’t enough against Mrdak and Majstorović, who switched to full speed at the end. We won the last set to 25:15 as well.

OK Partizan: Lopar (12), Kostić (3), Mrdak (21), Majstorović (1), P. Nikolić (5), M. Nikolić (16), Rajković (libero), Jokanović, Veličković (1), Popović, Buša, Ivković
Head coach: Vladimir Vasović

Spartak Ljig: Munćan (6), Perić (13), Dojčilović (17), Stevanović (10), Veljović (2), Radosavljević (5), Todosijević (libero), Simić, Gajević, Vesović, Glavinić (2), Rakić
Head coach: Bogdan Veličković


Current championshp standings:
1. Partizan 39 points
2. CZ 34 points
3. Vojvodina 31 points
4. Novi Pazar 25 points
5. Ribnica 17 points
6. Spartak Ljig 15 points
7. Inđija 14 points
8. Radnički 14 points
9. Mladi Radnik 12 points
10. Đerdap 9 points

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