Friday, February 20, 2015

KK Partizan - KK Vojvodina 81:54 (Korać Cup, 1/4 final)

It was smooth, though at first it seemed we won’t be too proud of this match.

Still before the start: Kouzeloglou warming up
(photo: Twitter)

In the beginning it was easy. 7:0, then Tepić placed the ball into the ring with such a sophisticated, noble movement as if he would have been wearing tuxedo instead of Partizan’s jersey (9:2). But Vojvodina equalized (9:9) after we missed a lot of chances. Vojvodina wanted to take not just the lead but the control over the match as well.
They couldn’t.
We picked our defense line together - Saša Pavlović demonstrated it. He made the Block of the Month, then, still possessing the ball he ran up, dribbled himself through the opponent and threw the ball into the basket (14:9). The top of it all was Boris Dallo. There are no words for this. Just watch.

It was Dallo’s night, the young French did a marvellous job. It was still Marinković time, who increased the difference for us with an easy and bold movement (21:13). Then came a period, when nothing wanted to work for both teams. Vojvodina missed out a lot of chances, even 3-pointers, while they made a lot of fouls - but we missed the free throws from these fouls. Nevertheless, after a great Tepić-Mačvan teamwork the difference increased to 10+ (26:15) and this was the point when things started to work for our favour, slowly but surely. At the half-time the result was 33:17.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Then we came back from the pause and Milosavljević grabbed the whole team, put them under his armpit, ploughed up the floor and scored 3 (three) 3-pointers, increasing the difference to 20 points (44:24). Dallo also brought his best (47:26). Vojvodina’s trainer continously asked for time-out, but he couldn‘t put his team back to shape. Pavlović flashed, the standing increased to 59:31. And the end of the match was still far away.

(photo: Facebook/KK Partizan)

Vojvodina collapsed. As for us, it was gala, for the audience. Dallo and Đumić pleased the fans (65:36), and in the last quarter we could make  the 30 point difference with Murić’s free throw. (67:36) At this point Vojvodina was not an opponent anymore, still, Partizan didn’t slow down the pace. Bezbradica had his time, throwing baskets, blocking, then Kouzeloglou also got the chance for the last minutes to score against Vojvodina. Next match is coming on Saturday, tomorrow we’ll get to know who’ll be our opponent.

Đumić, Mačvan and Murić

(photos: Facebook/KK Partizan)

(photo: Twitter)

Some other basketball-related news is that Joffrey Lauvergne signed to NBA team Denver Nuggets. Lauvergne confirmed it on Twitter, but the best came afterwards: the French player thanked Partizan, Duško Vujošević and Grave Diggers in Serbian for their support.

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