Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ivan Šaponjić: sold out

Bravo, assholes. Well done. Sell out the whole team. Sell all strikers, midfielders, what is more, sell out the grass and the bench from under our bottoms. Sell the U6 players as well. Why not?...
The news was brought by After Lazović and Škuletić 17-year-old Ivan Šaponjić was also sold by Partizan. His new team is Anderlecht, the price was 1,2 million euros. Partizan had only one condition: the still underage player must play at least for 10 matches during the spring season wearing Partizan’s jersey before hitting the road to Belgium.
Congratulations. Nice job. You rotten, corrupted idiots, you are the perfect example of "haste makes waste". Chaos is at everywhere. Do you really want to win the title like this, that we have only one (1) striker, namely Kojić? Marko Nikolić makes no secret about being helpless, nobody asked his opinion from the team management. Yet the leadership will make a scapegoat of him, that’s no question. Nobody is willing to talk to the press, members of the management talk riddles only, that even the dirtiest politicians could learn from them. Do you know, you worms, what kind of an impact it will have on the players and team morals? I can already hear with my mind’s ears your hypocrite talk to the press as you claim, it is not the management’s job to score goals, it is the problem of the players and the trainer, right, dear Mr. Vučelić, may God strike a thunder into your head?!... And we all know, even a fish starts to rot from the head and who is behind it all. No, please, dear Mr. Tumbaković, don’t try to hide. You are the boss. You are responsible for it all, together with your ass-licker rats.
I wish you, all of you that all your dirt may come to surface, to the public. May you all get swept away once and for all by the rage of Partizan fans. And let’s have a new, professional team leadership with businessmen instead of noname idiots, vassals and liegemen. We MUST be a professional club, if we want to conquer Europe instead of waving all cup competitions from the distance.

Update: president Zoran Popović immediately denied the news to Yet it came to light that the club has so horrible debits that mortgage had to be put on the Teleoptik training field in Zemun as well as other debits towards the tax officers for 5 years (!!!) now. At least these were those the president mentioned and it is most probably only the top of the iceberg. Oh, and of course Popović is 100 % sure Partizan will win the title.

It's more than painful to say it, but after all these I don't want the team to win the title, because it would justify all the operations of this branch and they would continue destroying the remainings of the team. May they all end up in prison.

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